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A day in the Life of Kel

Thursday, March 17, 2016 with Kel

Hi All!

Well..L I F E is always two (2) steps ahead of us, in reality
We might know where we are headed, what we are destined for...for rest assured that LIFE does. 

It's no secret...really... that I have been a little lost. 

Many have thought it was some kind of MID-LIFE CRISIS that I had and have been on some sort of downward spiral in the art of finding myself and what I was meant to 
  • be...
  • to do.... in my life. 

Funny thing is... 

  • I still live with uncertainty
  • I still struggle with how to go about my days. 
  • I still find enjoyment when I do go out into the work field filled with this void of missing my family. 

I doubt THAT will ever change.  

But, in the midst of all the uncertainty...there has been one (1) thing that I do everyday..day in...day out...no matter what.  
  • I do it when I am sick. 
  • I do it when I am stressed. 
  • I do it when I am dog tired and feel like I can't go on... 



Those two (2) things are MY LIFE, that are simply... ME. 

It sounds crazy, this I know

Especially from ME

I mean, I was never all about being a stay at home MOM. I had my...CAREER... in some aspects. 

Was it what I wanted for the rest of my life...well looking back in hindsight, NO, but it was something that I never, ever thought I would just GIVE UP and walk away from

I mean, who does that?  

Fourteen (14) years as an Administrative Professional and let's face it...I am DAMN good at it. 

BUT, waking up one day and having this amazing...unheard of opportunity to 
work from home...having the ability to get my kid on the bus and get my other one ready for the day...well it CHANGES a person. #duh

When that left my grasp and I had to go back out into the scary work world...into a cold, stone building that had those bright florescent lights and people to match the mood...

  • I was miserable. 
  • I did my job great, of course, because this is ME after all and I will not give ANYTHING but my very BEST

But, that, in retrospect, was the BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO ME...


  • Well I found clarity
  • I knew what I wanted. 

I worked with those same strings that fed my family to find my way. 
YES, I met disappointment. 

I mean, seven (7) dang classes to my Teaching certificate... 

when one door closes, another one opens... 

and this people, IS TRUTH!

I found Substitute Teaching. 

I found a job:
  • that was part-time
  • that was challenging 
  • that was creative for me
  • that was F U N 
  • that was exhausting 
  • that gives me full access to knowing that my children are with me, in a sense, each day. 

I found a position that, well, I was GOOD AT
Yes, I missed that calling, although I know it is NOT to late. 

  • I get to pick when, where, and how often I wish to work. 
  • I get spring break OFF, which is coming up! 
  • I get SUMMER BREAK with my girls and the really exciting part is that this fall, I will have BOTH my girls with me when I sub!

Right now there are challenges. I am a bit timid and scared. BUT, I am finding my way and enjoying my time O F F so to speak. 

The funny thing is, as a FULL TIME working MOM/WIFE... 

I have NO IDEA how I got what I got done each day, week, month...because just doing the housework, kids, and laundry/cleaning... KICKS MY BUTT daily!

So, here I sit...MARCH 17th 2016... the same girl...just a little different. 

  • I am a MOM. 
  • I am a WIFE. 
  • I am HAPPY.
 & not in that order!

Me & my Girls (2015-2016)


Friday, February 5th, 2016  ~with Kel

Life has been rather still, for once in my life, and to be honest... 

I am loving it!

  • Two days ago, that all of changed. 
  • Stress re-entered my stress free zone.
W O R K 

Its an ugly four letter word...one that I seem to constantly be running away from.

I am trying to...
  • build me
  • my brand
  • my eBook series 
and I feel absolutely enthralled with what I am producing, proud even. 

But, when you have the work experience that I have, and the drive I have to succeed... and the motto: No Regrets...it causes more problems than it should.

Substitute teaching is what I am supposed to be doing....except no jobs are available yet.

When I think of substitute teaching, I feel excited, ready!  
But, it does not feel ready for me. 

Then I think about summer...
  • being OFF with my kids
  • enjoying them
  • enjoying life...
 But no pay coming in.  

Sure, the plan in my head is that the income I make from my brand will cover this gray area...but honestly...WHAT INCOME?  

I know...patience needs to prevail, 
but let's face it...this world is scary!

So, here I am..
  • on this sunny
  • lovely Friday morning
  • sitting here looking at my pond in the backyard
  • my four year old sitting beside me asking me to play "Can I play ABC Mouse yet, Mom?" 
  •  and honestly, I love THIS life.

CAN I really go back to the 8-5 grind? 
CAN I really leave my kids, again?
CAN I go back to the brick and mortar?

Then the question comes...from sensible Kel... 

Do I have a choice?

I don't want to jump into something...I feel like the last position was a leap and I was NOT ready and it left me a shell of the person I am.
  • I was miserable. 
  • I was away from my kids.
  • I was sad...depressed even. 
  • I never...NEVER saw my Hubby. 

Can I do it again?

I hate decisions!

So, for today,
  • I am going to back up. 
  • I am going to stop in my tracks.
  • I am going to think. 
  • Make my list. 
  • And pray to God to lead the way. 

To teach .... or not to teach.... this is the question...

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