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Happy Thanksgiving- Gobble, Gobble

Well, wrapping up my Turkey Day festivities.  We have been busy!  Nice to have a day few days off, back to work tomorrow.  Ridiculous, if you ask me!  But, I will take one for the team.  My belly is fully, my beauties are sleeping and my day is official coming to a close.

I hope that all is well with everyone else in the world as we all have so much to be thankful for.

I did not part-take in the thankful days this year, but I still would like to take a moment and say that I am truly thankful for my family.  I am thankful for the year that we have had, even though it has produced more downs than ups, and for finally getting into our house.

I am thankful to still be among the living and to have such wonderful little girls and a loving husband.  I am thankful for all that we have in this life and all that we are allowed to make of it.

Happy Thanksgiving all.

~until tomorrow...

My Gray Gables Nightmare!! ~ Day 2- No Heat...

Today is Day #2 without a Furnace.  Needless to say, last night was COLD!  We had 2 heaters running on the 2nd floor and 1 running on the 1st and it was NOT making a dent.
Hubby works 2nd shift and when he got off in the morning, he came home, said he left and went to Walmart to pick up 2 more heaters.  He put those in the girls rooms- which were frigid. 

The good news is that we are expected to get propane tomorrow- THANK GOD!  We could have had to wait 10 days - so 3 days is good.  Today was cold in the house, but we have a warmer 2nd floor and are running 4 heaters up there so its actually toasty!

Can not wait until tomorrow- heat again!

Bet this will NEVER happen again- what do you say?

Vaccines- My point of view

I saw this alot, but to each their own.  I would like to start by saying that my views are my own.  I respect everyone's views, but I do not appreciate it when someone wants to preach their views and not respect anyone Else's.  That being said, I might get a little controversial here, but again, this is my view.  I am going to say the things others might not, and I will try to see everything from both perspectives.  Whether I am able to accomplish this, that is in the eyes of the reader.

So, I was at work the other day and I was at work talking to a fellow employee and friend.  She was saying something about the flu shot and it came up in conversation that a friend of hers does not believe in vaccines, period.  I know that there are a lot of people out there that believe that the vaccines cause autism.  I respect those opinions, although, as a mother, I too have read the reports and the reports and the reports, the latest stating that there is no link.  She went on to say that…

Baby, its COLD outside...especially when you run out of Propane- UGH!

We really SUCK at this!  This is our first time not having natural gas and we are really dropping the ball!  Today, while I am at work, with my toasty heater blasting under my desk keeping me super comfy, Hubby calls to tell me he had BAD news... I love when I get these calls- to many to count since we got this house.

Then, he says, WE RAN OUT OF PROPANE and they can't come fill it for 1-10 days- SAY WHAT?  I am like, seriously.  OK, so the dry erase board with all the TO DO stuff has read, CHECK PROPANE for over two weeks now.. Ugh.  Then the dreaded, "I don't know what to do?"  I love this statement!  Again, heard it to many times. 

Propane is at least ordered up.  The problem is Hubby thinks we ran it all the way down, which means we incurred more fees because we now have to have everything tested for leaks- my favorite statement lately is OH JOY!

He informs me that he is going to check some ads and pick up some heaters- gee George, I would hope so- right!

I go ab…

Sophia the first


Arm Knitting Tutorial- by

So,  I have had this skein of blue and orange (GO BEARS) yarn next to my bed with a brand new set of knitting needles that I have YET to pick up.  Tonight, while pinning, I found a tutorial on Arm Knitting an infinity scarf.  Sounded intriguing.  I grabbed my yarn and set on a path to learn!

Well, I did it!  I arm knitted an infinity scarf. This got me thinking- how about a blanket?  Would make great Xmas gifts.. So I watched this tutorial- HOW EASY!!  I can not wait to go to the craft store and pick up some more yarn!

Arm Knitting Tutorial for Blanket

The above link will take you to the tutorial.


Saturday's Things I like for Gray Gables from Pinterest

I am just looking at things on Pinterest and found this idea that I LOVE for our house!  I have a closet at my entryway (ok, so it is NOT finished - just a rough opening, no door, no rod, no floor besides original untreated wood- but it has a cheap hall tree that we are using for coats, so it works..) but I have an empty wall that I would like to put something on- I was thinking about a table- or drop zone for Hubby.  (He currently uses my kitchen table as a drop zone and its really annoying!)
But, I really like this..

I also found a pin for Yearly Organization at a glance- this idea is right up my ally!  I am dying to find a way to keep myself and our family organized.  This might be the ticket!

A file folder for each week.  I think I might even be able to pull this off- maybe a 2014 project!  I purchased a NEAT system for our family last year and since the house project, I really havent put it to good use yet.  I did use it for receipts and so forth- but havent touched it since Apri…

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs- Please don't judge me!

Today has been a BUSY day!  We got up - way too early in my opinion!  I made Scrambled Eggs and Toast- my girls ATE it up!!

We ran our Saturday errands!  Picture day is tomorrow and due to our Mailbox Mishap, we have had to go to the Post Office to get our mail- only problem is Hubby and I forgot yesterday and I did not know they were opened for morning hours today- so there is where all our mail sits, with the Navy Blue shirts for Hubby and I to match the girls Navy Blue dresses.

 Then to Target- our favorite store!  It snowed today too!  The 4 yo's reaction was the BEST!  She stuck our her tongue and said she was trying to catch the flakes in her mouth.  Sometimes I love her innocence!

Well, it was pretty late by this time- thank you Target!  So we made a quick pass through Arby's drive thru and headed home for a late lunch. 

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post (The Lake House) - I got a nap out of 2 yo , and downtime our of 4 yo and by the time we got done getting up an…

The Lake House- *Movie* - a Favorite!!

Today, I had the pleasure to do something, during the daytime hours, that I never - NEVER- get to do... What, your wondering?  I was able to watch a movie.  OK, yes it is a movie I tried to watch the other night but only got half way through because of a 9:00 conflict with Gray's Anatomy (which is weird because I do DVR it?)  - but I was able to watch it in its entirety - commercials and all- since it was on Cable- THANKS E!!  and Movies we LOVE!

The Lake House is a great movie.  It is one of those movies that when it is on, I feel compelled to watch.  Keanu, Sandra- the story line is one that moves you and makes you think during the entire movie!  I just love it and I am so ecstatic that I was able to watch it while one of my kiddo's took a NAP- yes, I said it, a NAP, the three letter word that has not been practiced in our house for quite some time now.  But, I guess with this sickness comes sleep!  The big one was busy watching a movie on her own and playing in the mirror- …

Friday- Decorating Ideas for Christmas

I love the holidays! I also LOVE having a new house and new spaces to decorate for holidays!

So, here is what i found- thanks to Pinterest!
Love this!  Rustic bowl, jingle bells painted gold, gingam red ribbon tied to a strand of xmas lights!  Simple, yet awesome!

REALLY like this:

Who knew trying to get your Certificate for Occupancy could be SO HARD!

Ok, so, we obtained our house in March of 2012.  We have spent a year and a half in demo.  In October, we HAD to move in.   Well, everyone worked really hard- and in the end - we were unable to obtain our certificate of occupancy in time.  So, we talked to our main inspector who couldn't give us the go-ahead to obtain the certificate, but bascially said, if you have to move in, you have to move in.
So, we had a list of stuff we needed to do to get our certificate.  We finally got that done and passed the inspection- well almost!  The plumbing inspector is a piece of work- who has given us problem after problem.  Well, we still need him to come in and give the plumbing a final inspection- oh joy!

So, keep your fingers crossed.  We need this certificate to get deed to our house.   Everything is in working order, just more money and work to get done. 

Please God, let us pass and get our certificate.

End of the line: 13abc Cherokee is done! - Toledo (OH) News, Weather and Sports

End of the line: 13abc Cherokee is done! - Toledo (OH) News, Weather and Sports

I had to share - my Hubby is on the Cherokee line!  So proud of him and the work he is doing, the company he is working for and all that he does for our family.


5 Facts You Might be better off NOT knowing (Just for FUN!)




Sampling: A Short Story.


Thursday in the house of the (Cold) Sick-OOOss

Well, Happy Holidays to the A Family!  We are one SICK household!  Ms. 4 yo brought home a cold from Pre-K and has managed to knock my Hubby and myself DOWN!  I have been sick for over a week now and it just plain stinks!  To top it all off Ms. 4 has a bad cough. Once she gets going it makes her puke!  Ms. 2 yo seems to have the best Immunity- she has a touch of the runny nose but luckily (yes, I am knocking on wood here) she has not developed this God, Awful, Chest pulling cough!

I have spent several nights knocking myself out, thanks to Tylenol Cold Multi Symptom night time relief - but it is only managing to knock me out- not the cold.

What are your thoughts on the FLU vaccine?

Well, I guess I should pre-face with the fact that I for-went the Vaccine this year.  I have been a believer for five years and last year did me in!  I received my vaccine and right after I was catching EVERYTHING that came down the pike!  I even got the worst stomach flu EVER!  I seriously thought I was goi…

Family: Picture day is this weekend!

Well, the time of year has come again, family picture day is this weekend!  I know Hubby is jumping with joy- um, not!

But, the little ladies are excited!  I picked up dresses this past weekend- navy blue this year, adorable!

Watch out JCP we are going to be IN THE BUILDING Sunday!

Our $20 Carter Dresses and YES THEY MATCH!

Mailbox- DOWN! Day is a total crap shoot!

Today was a ROUGH day, in general.  I had tons of fun trying to get through to the parentals that I did not wish for them to come work on our house because we are good.  In which, I am told that our living situation is ridiculous.  I then got told that I need to clean up around the house because I need to start worrying about curb appeal because people are checking out the house.

Lets get something straight- I DON'T CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK!  This has been an issue from day 1.  I did NOT want to create a MUSEUM, I wanted to create a HOME. I am not worried about a Christmas tour coming through MY home. I was worried about making a safe place for my kids.  Yes, I let a lot of the historic parts of the home stay, but not every single thing.  We made changes, we updated and put our ideas, as much as we could, into play.

So, after dealing with this wonderful stuff!  I pull up to our house, and, my frickin' mailbox is lying in the yard, my mail is ALL over the ground and the pole is b…

Interesting read

The purpose of my blog- I WANT TO BE AN AUTHOR

So, I wrote a book. I started a few more, but I wrote a book from start to finish.  I let it sit for years. I found it again, re-read it, changed it up a little here and there and finished it again.
I took an e-course I purchased from - $20 for a 10 module book publishing course - I finished said course and yet here I am, still struggling to find the words for my Query Letter so that I can start submitting for publishing.

I am going to try to start with a Literary Agent, because I am noticing a lot of the publishing companies do not take independent work and self publishing is NOT an option for me.

I want to be legit.  I want to write, I love to write and I want to make this a career.  I want to be Nora Roberts.  She has been my favorite Author for as long as I can remember.  I am loyal, always pre-ordering the next book, dive in when it finally comes out.  I am a huge fan and want to capture my audience and paint the vivid pictures in others as she does for me.

I als…

The desk is finally together and set up!

Life is good.  We accomplished *something this weekend.  Well, ok, a few things.  Hubby was only off on Sunday and managed to get the light up in our closet and the Desk together and set up.  Yeah!

I got our closet cleaned up, organized and all the stuff we dont *need right now, put in the attic.  I also managed to get the girls toys cleaned up a bit, and my tupperware organized!  GO ME.

I still havent ran the vaccum, but we will manage.  We have so much still to do.  The latest flavor of the week seems to be the Parents wanting to come back and help.  I have to give an answer and Hubby is like, no.  Right now we are stress free, noone hates him (or to his face they dont seem to) and we are all getting along.  I relay this and I am told that THEY will be coming over and Hubby doesnt need to know- what? I feel stuck.  I know my Dad will get stuff done around here, but it will be his way or the highway, whether I like it or not.  This approach does not sit well with Hubby and I, since t…

Christmas is only 5 Saturdays Away- WHAT?

This is crazy! Why is time going SO fast?  I am still in the thick of narrowing down my little lists- and it is causing me a lot of stress. 
I went Pinterst-ing with my little ones today and looked at beautiful pictures of Christmas Decor- these are a few of our favs:

This is kind of putting me in the mood for the holidays.  I have NO idea how I am going to achieve getting my Christmas stuff down and put up- but if there is a WILL there is a WAY, right!

Until then, I still have 5 more Saturdays, right?!?

Book Bub - $2.99 and Under Digitial Books for Kindle and/or Nook for 11-18-2013

Great deals today- check them out!

Did somebody say....Tornado? In November?

Say what? 

Yes, this is my reality!  We almost lost our pole barn yesterday due to HIGH winds, only to find out that a EF2 Tornado touched down- a block away!

The irony of the whole situation is, shortly after we bought this old house, we were able to work with the historical society, I am a history buff and really wanted to know the who built this house, why did they build it, how did they live- all those, now unanswerable questions, with a house built in 1892, right!
But the historical society caught up with a gentleman who lived in our house in the 40's and told a story about a barn on the property that his Uncle was living in and caring for.  In the late 40's, in late fall a tornado went through- at this time this house had acres of land- so it was all field.  It took out the old barn.  His Uncle survived, as did this old house- but the barn was demolished!  There is another garage- Carriage House- in front of said barn and that survived also.

Well, here we are over 120 ye…

Take cover!!

Ohio got hit hard, just down the road from us. The drive on screens crushed, power lines down everywhere and we almost lost our pole barn for the second time.
They aren't confirming a tornado, yet.
We have power but the wind is still gusting at 40 mhps. I will post later when we are able to digest all the area damage!

World News: China's Vow to Relax One-Child Policy


My views on this article are filled with thoughts of, um, ridiculous-ness!  It is 2013 people!  The Chinese are only allowed to have 1 child unless BOTH parents are only children, then are allowed to have 2 children.  The "relaxed" decision would allow those who want two children to do so ONLY IF one of the parents is an only child.

I understand that this is a population control issue and that it is NOT America! I am not that naive.  But, really, a government that dictates how many children you are ALLOWED to have?  I can not even comprehend that.

How do you feel about the Duggers?  I am sure that China mocks this family standard.  I don't hate them, they are a stable family, debt free even.  In my opinion, only having 2 children, I am ENVIOUS to say the least!  I hope to attain that financial status in the near future, but could never image with 19 kids under my belt.  The financial burden alone is a tough pill to…

Shopping for the home- Kirklands!

I love Kirkland's stores! They smell good, they are beautiful, they are fun, exciting and full of color!  The website does the same for me.  I am obsessed and Christmas time is NO exception.  I want everything, and having a NEW house, I find things that I want every-time I shop.  They also have great deals and are super reasonable.

My latest online (my kids are crazy today, so no errands here!) - shopping trip, I found lots of gift ideas, decorating ideas and awesome stuff.

My list:

I just love everything in this picture!

And I am all about lanterns:

I am trying to go with an Industrial style in the new house (except for when its Christmas- then I need the snowman/moose, down home feeling!

I am in love with this lamp and its on SALE! for $199!!

I also have been looking for a console table for a wall past my entryway- something that looks old, where we can throw our keys and mail and miscellaneous stuff. (Hubby has a BAD habit of emptying his pockets on my dining table- ewe!)
And …

BOOK BUB & SWEET FREE BOOKS- the emails to get for Nook and Kindle!

A few weeks ago, I was listening to a local radio station and they were talking about some cool things to check out.  Book Bub was mentioned, I, being an avid reader jotted it down and stuck the piece of paper in my purse, only to readdress the paper at a later date.  Upon discovering this thing called Book Bub- I was prompted to enter an Email Address and like them on Facebook.

Now, I am OBSESSES.  I cant wait to get my email daily!  Were talking no books over $2.99.  No Joke!

This inspired me to look further and after some research, I found a site called SWEET FREE BOOKS.   awesome!  I wait for this email even more so than Book Bub!

I have SO many books on Nook AND Kindle that I am never going to have enough time to read them all in my life- and they keep coming - DAILY!

So, I have decided to incorporate this into my BLOG- of course!

My Downloads today, SATURDAY, November 16th, 2013 on KINDLE:

Free  -  Deer Season by Aaron Stander 

Free  - In a Small Town (A Small Town Series: Book On…