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BLOG WORK ahead....sorry for ALL the emails today!

by: Kel Amstutz
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First and foremost, 

for all the EMAILS that I have caused you today! 
I am cleaning up the BLOG and realized that somehow...[operator error] I have unpublished like, more than half of my blog posts. 

So, after making this SHOCKING discovery, I got to work [busy me] getting everything re-proofed(like, seriously) and re-PUBLISHED, which then caused my ownINBOX to go CRAZY with Life at Gray Gables notifications. 


My Bad...
So, I wanted to make sure that I let you all know that I AM SORRY!

This is temporary and will not happen again [ lord help me ]  and once I have it ALL loaded, that is it,  it's a DONE deal! 

Hopefully, this will allow the links that are out there, still wandering helplessly around the internet world, to WORK! 

[can you even imagine how many people have clicked to find out the link is GONE....thinking FOREVER..but really, this girl here just accidentally tripped on the…

Sunday Funday

It's a day of rest..ehh...kinda...

Taking a Day Off!

I am taking a "rest day" aka a "mental health day". I need to refocus and will be back tomorrow!
Happy Thursday All!!! ~Kel

5 Tips for Stay at Home Moms

Being that my life is about to be a bit more flexible (details to come) - I am reaching out to all the stay at home Mommy's out there!  

It is Time to Monetize your Blog

How to Monetized your Blog
by: Kel // March 22, 2016

Monetizing your blog can be one that people need an explanation on the hows and why. The fact of the matter is that to monetize is NOT fast, NOT easy, and...well...not always reliable. 

You can make money blogging.  But, you better LOVE IT (find your passion and write!), because you are going to do it for FREE for...a very...long...time... before it will start paying off. 

Now, let's get into the nitty gritty...How to Monetize YOUR Blog! 

Can you make a lot of money?

If you go into the idea of starting a blog to get rich, well...that's fine.  Lot's of people blog and lots of people are very successful.  But it is important to remember that all the blogger books that claim they made $40,000 in their first year are in the majority.  There is a lot of money spent in start-up, hence the saying...'You have to spend money to make money.'
When you set up your blog, you will need to add in cost for self-hosting, since you can n…

[Personal Post] I'm going to SEE the WORLD

Life happens on a blink of an eye
By: Kel Amstutz   May 23, 2016
They always tell you to enjoy the little things, don't get lost in the mundane things in life...or my fav, I can always clean later, the now is for making memories.
Then...your baby graduates from Pre-School and you blink back the tears as you remember those sleepless nights...rocking her in the dark, trying to make her feel safe, calm to sleep. Yes  she still whines  (constantly) and sometimes she needs help getting her shirts off without ripping her very girly earrings out if her head...or help with the start off on the swings... but the rocking days are long gone... the days of independence are taking over.
This weeping feeling came over me as my big girl climbed the stage last Thursday night, with her classmates, to sing her heart out about things under the sea. This sadness caught me as her name was called and she grabbed her diploma and shook her teachers hands, tassel hanging proudly on her sailor hat.
We h…


By: Kel Amstutz
Keywords: today is the day, Stop Wishing and Start Living, Live the life you dream of, Desire, Financial Freedom, Begin now, Today is the day to start

Today is the day.

You have all heard that before.

There is no better time like the present.

These are the rules to live by in our lives.

Wishing for things to happen, dreaming bigger than we could ever really imagine.

But, most of the time these wishes and dreams...well, they simply DON'T HAPPEN.

Wishing for a better lifestyle, maybe a business that is fluid and self contained and allows you to have freedom, real freedom from being tied down to a desk, a 9-5, a boss, much less having to use your hard-earned vacation days when you just need to take some time off for yourself or for your family.

So, you wish, dream, hope, maybe you even pray for these things, this freedom. 

I want to ask you all:


Do you keep on wishing?

Well, what if I told you that financial freedo…