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Channeling a Writer: Day 25

Word of the Day:

I had hopped on the Interstate and headed back to the scene of the crime.  Not the first scene, but the scene in which I was shot.  The house was empty.  The cars that were lining the drive had been removed.  Yellow police tape surrounded the hollow shell of a house.  The door stood opened. 
I needed to know more. I needed to get closer and see for myself. Why would Danny's parents abandon their home?  I had so many questions swarming.  My phone started ringing, jolting me from my own thoughts. "Kat."
"Where you at Stranger?  I stopped by, afraid you slept for two days again." 
I had to laugh. "You voice is thick with worry and I appreciate that. I am fine. I had something I needed to deal with this morning."
"Oh yea. What?"
"Mac, I just need to be with my thoughts right now and work some things out."
"Good old Kat is back. Your at Daniel's parents house then?"
How the hell did he do that?  "…

Life at Gray Gables: Let's Talk Recipes

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Channeling a Writer: Day 24

Word of the day:

I woke up in my own bed.  It felt great. Like I was back to the old me.  I didn't have any haunted dreams of Charlotte or images of her in my mirror, with my morning ritual. Thank goodness. 
I was ready to go, heading out to my garage when I remembered that I had to turn off the security system that Mac had been so kind to have installed while we were at the hospital.  It was an added feature for the property is what he claimed, but I knew it was because the lunatic was out there, somewhere and if he could break in before, who would say he would not again, especially now that he had a gun.
I was alone.  It was calming and yet, very unsettling also.  The quiet surrounded me and left me uneasy as I got into bed the night before and caused the TV to be turned on, volume low for the remainder of the nightfall.  My car smelled still.  It had been sitting for the entire month, in the stag-net garage.  Luckily, it fired right up and out of the driveway we headed. 
I knew…

Channeling a Writer- Day 23

Writing Challenge:

and the word of the day is...

hal·low ˈhalō/ verb 1. honor as holy. "the Ganges is hallowed as a sacred, cleansing river" nounarchaic 1. a saint or holy person.

It felt as if I had relieved this day over and over again. The air was still, the car quiet.  The traffic on the road was just as it always was, zipping through life on autopilot. 
"Feel good to finally be heading home."
"Understatement of the year, right there." I said, a smile crossing my pale, makeup less face. 
"Can you try to be more careful now?"
"Hey." I said, knowing he was joking.  As hellish as this past month had been for me, he had been living it by my side.  I was grateful and ashamed all in the same.  I had dragged him into this mess, this drama. He was a simple guy, he liked to live a quiet, carefree life. I seriously doubted that hospitals were a part of it!
"Your still pale.  I can honestly say that I am still worried. I don't know what the hell t…

Channeling a Writer- Day 22

Writing Challenge Word of the Day:

I had awoken to the same stark white, bright room that I had been in before. Just a few days before in fact.  I saw Mac sitting by my side.  My hand felt warm, sensations coming to as I felt his hand move within my own, the warmth leaving before I felt the entire heat.
"You have got to stop doing that." Mac said with a smile lighting up his sleep deprived face. 
"What happened." I said through my groggy voice. "I don't remember." I said as I started to shift into a different position. I felt as if I had been lying in the same position for a month, bedsores starting to form on my backside.
"Sh." he spoke. His eyes were serious. "Kat, stay put please.  You were shot. You lost a lot of blood and it put you back into a coma."
Alarm shot through me.  Isn't one coma bad enough, let alone another one within an ear shot of the first, I wondered to myself. 
"You were out for three weeks. Three dam…

Challenging the Writer- Day 21

Writing Challenge Word of the Day:

The moon was full as we headed out into the full parking lot. Our case was one of many and it seemed like the entire crew was on duty. It was as if I were a sitting duck. Waiting for the answers to fall into my lap like some needy person waiting to find out if I were getting a plus or minus on a pee stick. This would change everything.  If my sister had been pregnant, was it Danny's baby? Did he know? 
"You are lost in your own thoughts, Kat."
"Sorry. That obvious, huh."
"Yea, pretty much. You want to talk it through?"
I loved talking a case through to Mac. It was one of the highlights of being a detective, being able to see different angles and work out why they worked or don't work.  Mac had always been up for the challenge and was great at debunking some of my best works. He had a way about him.  It was as if we were completely in sync when we worked together. 
"I was just thinking that if Char is...was pre…

Writing Challenge- Day 20

Writing Challenge WORD OF THE DAY:

I was still processing all my thoughts when we arrived at the station. Mac still intently listened to me turn each new corner.  He had a plan, and I was grateful. 
We headed to the morgue. Stop number one. Hardy was working this morning. He was an older man who had nearly thirty years of service in and was just a peach. 
"Detectives, welcome to the walking dead." he said with a snicker that moved his jolly belly.
"Hardy. Boy have I missed you." I said smiling.
"Vacations pull me away from this place."
"And that, I don't blame at all. Welcome back, all the same." I said, still smiling. This man has that affect on people. 
"Miss Kat, I am so sorry to hear about your...Sister, is it?"
"Thank you. It is terrible and no leads to top it all off. Which is what brings us here.  Any labs back yet?"
Hardy moved to the desk, that was somewhere under the mountain of paperwork that had made it its home. &…

Writing Challenge- Day 19

Happy Saturday All!  I am so ready for this weekend...and the opportunity to SLEEP. (Yes, I got sleep too!)