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33 Things EVERYONE should STOP doing in their 30s

The list of things you need to STOP doing...because your 30!

We all know that the dreaded 30's mean that you are NO LONGER in your 20' matter how much we want to still go out to the "Club" or spend all night getting plastered at the bar, only to wake up in someone stranger's house the next morning with no recollection of what happened the night before. (this is so NOT my life, btw)
When you hit that magical number...that Dirty Thirty, it is time to grow up a little bit..isn't it? I mean, some of us are already married with kids by the time we hit the big thirty.  So, after some careful thinking and consideration about just what hitting our Thirties means, it also brought out those things that we should no longer..wait let me repeat...NO LONGER be doing! We are Thirty now, after all.
So  #1, so fitting, STOP FACEBOOK STALKING and YES this does include your EX!  They are an ex for a reason..remember! Who cares what they or whoever else on FB is doing.
#2  Get …

Book Review- Tuesday.. Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts

WHISKEY BEACH by Nora Roberts- Book Reviewfor 3/4/2014**Side note:  I know that I was SUPPOSED to be reviewing COMPLETE ME by J. Kenner (Stark Trilogy), but I haven't been able to pick it up this week. I have two sick kids- still, one is on breathing treatments every 3 hours and with keeping up on cleaning to get rid of these germs, I have not had  a minute to myself- sorry! Tune in next week!**
Book Cover from I am reviewing Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts this week. I read this book in February of this year and have it still pretty fresh in my mind. I think that it should be noted that I  might do a lot of book reviews about Nora Robert's Books- I am a HUGE fan! I love to write and feel that I idolize the way that she write and captures the pictures in her stories and try my hardest to reflect that quality in my own work. 
So, onto Whiskey Beach. It is centered around an old historic home, Bluff House that sits on Whiskey Beach.  The main character is Eli Lan…