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It was just another day...or was it - Confessions of an OLD Birthday

July 29th - the day I was born.  I woke up with and began my day.  Regular routine.  Get kids off safely with Nana and Papa - and off to work I go.

My co-workers knew none the more than it was Tuesday, July 29th, and we were all muddling through our workloads.

The highlight was when the Orkin man showed to spray for spiders. (Real exciting Kel!)

Hubby ran out the door after one to pick up kids and disappeared until 3 pm with the girls saying, "we were not doing anything, Mom."  Um, hmm...

Off work I go, to the front porch- where my little family was anxiously awaiting my arrival.  I sat down and was handed awesome cards from my loves! Then whisked to the back of my car where i was instructed to CLOSE MY EYES!  I opened them to a beautiful hydrangea plant my girls picked out for me and a gardening table my hubby got me.  Awesome gifts!

I love these three people so much!  It was a bummer getting older, and I have been dreading it so much!  But, it was good to see how excited …

AVON Lady calling for Wednesday, July 30th 2014

Hi, it's your AVON Lady with great specials going on now, for July 30th 2014.
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AVON Lady for Monday, 7/28/2014


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Will you achieve 40 years of marriage?

I would like to start with a Special Congratulations this goes out to my Aunt and Uncle who celebrated 40 years of marriage yesterday.  Also, another Congratulations needs to go to my very own Parents, who are embarking on 38 years of marriage. How do you get to 40 years?  How do you get there Happy?  
In Today's DAY and AGE, it isn't easy!  I mean, pick up the paper and read the Divorces granted section. It grows by the day.  It is amazing to me, seeing the names on the paper, seeing their reasons for ending their marriage without any insight as to how long they had been in marriage "bliss" or the leg that their relationships started on.  It is in these moments that my heart aches.  Relationships are tough, they aren't supposed to be easy.  I just think that Divorce is, in some cases, an Easy Out. 
I married with a solid foundation.  Hubby and I discussed the events that could cause our relationship to end.  We talked about ways to make it last, and have worked on …

Our Disney List...Summer Fun

It's a Disney kind of day! I was sitting here with my 3 and 5 year old daughters, watching none other than "Spy Kids"  on Netflix - when my 5 yo asked, "Mom, why aren't the Disney movies on Netflix?"  

She is a sharp one!  So, I had to explain that Disney is a BIG place and they hold the rights to their movies and went on to go in some depth about how there is the dang vault that keeps movies until they decide to open it again and release them. 

(Still waiting for Beauty and the Beast here!)

So, we are sitting there and she proceeds to ask me which Princess is my favorite.  Well, for me this is pretty simple..see above... Belle of course!  My 3 yo shouts, "Me too, Mommy."  

I ask my 5 yo who her favorite princess is and I get crickets... Obviously, she is deep in thought about this question.  She then stands up and says, "Well, I love Rapunzel and that is my favorite Princess, but my favorite is Queen Elsa."  She is so technical!

So, I asked …

The Meaning behind my BLOG name- Life at Gray Gables.

I have had a few ask why I chose "Life at Gray Gables" for my blog name. Rightfully so, in my opinion.  I mean, as an outsider looking in and seeing that name, I think I would wonder what is Gray Gables?  I give a peek a boo approach on my blog site with some before and after pics of a big old, gray house- but is that Gray Gables at all?  And what does Gray Gables even mean? 

Well, here is Gray Gables, the name of our old farm house- and this picture is from around 1996. (Thanks to my parents taking the picture themselves, as they too, loved this old house)

Our Story of how we came to own Gray Gables.
My Husband and I had a home, our first home, that was a lovely 1,600 square foot Blue House in Toledo, Ohio.  It suited us well when it was just us.  Then we had a baby and noticed that it was a little cramped. Then, we had another and the realization that this would just NOT do became VERY apparent.  So the hunt was on, once again to find a new, bigger home.

When we were lookin…