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Junami...yeah its a thing...

Saturday, June 27th 2015Well in case you didn't know, I live in Ohio. I started my day by waking up to rain. Upon further inspection, I notice a lovely pond in the neighbors back acreage...un, where there is supposed to be a field...which is now missing. So, as I carry on with my day, and as more rain falls, steadily I might add, this said "pond" has now grown to the front acreage of the neighbors lot. As I continue with my day, and as we edge towards evening, this rain has yet to simmer down, let alone STOP, and as I look out back of my own acreage I can see a SHOCKING scene unfolding. Our drains have now backed up and my pond has grown (yes, an actual, real pond) and the drive to our pole barn (behind our house) is now covered with a third "pond" .  UT oh!Houston....we have a problem.Hubby jumped to his feet, panic and a few choice curse words lingering in his dust as he grabbed the old fire boots my Dad had left at our house. The news was not good. Upon open…

SATAN is stealing my Mom Thunder

Image's a gift from God..until Satan shows his face.
You all know what I am talking  about. Everything is coming up roses, things are going good, the day is special, even. 
Then, it's suddenly bath - time, which you have called out three (3) times now to children who are not listening. You look in the overflowing laundry bin and start thinking in your head that you could get these dirty children in the tub, throw a load of laundry in, only to discover that your dryer is full of clothes that have now been sitting for two (2) days...and your washer is also full. Eek! This is when yelling, temper tantrum's, door slamming, and foot stomping begins. And all this M A D N E S S and A N G E R?  Well, it wasn't even from the kids.  Nope. It was me
The Mom. 
The one who bit off more than she could chew, in that short half-an-hour time span. The one who left those clothes...sitting in the washer AND dryer. The one who broke her kids away from playing nicely and so qui…

Diary of a...ehh... "GOOD WIFE" ?

What does that even mean?  What is the definition of a (quote/unquote) Good Wife? Isn't every relationship different? Doesn't every couple finds their place in regards to roles and what works...or doesn't? Are you dying and trying to live up to these Good Wife standards? WELL....WAKE UP...THIS IS AN UNATTAINABLE GOAL. Whew...sorry for the yelling, but it needed to be said. I love the reads about being a "Good Wife" or a "Being a More Godly Wife" and don't even get me started on "Motherhood" because that's a whole other can of worms. I am guilty of setting the bar high in these two areas, alone. Desperately trying to find this fairy tale castle where I am not only spotless, full of energy but doting as well. I am a long way from this image! Instead I am working my ass off to take my kids on a know, outside of our vanity or general area...i.e. Disney. I am working my ass off so that we can pay our property tax and possibly…

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