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Marriage Monday..How do you know if you are ready for Marriage?

How do you know if you are ready for Marriage?Is there a secret club? How about a Manual, maybe titled something like, "How you know you are ready to tie the know?", or maybe a bubble appears over your head that says ready?   {google image}
Unfortunately, none of the above exists.  Wouldn't it be great if it did though?  Marriage can be so scary, and sound so final.  It can also be so emotional and so endearing, depending on time, feelings, bonds, communication and where you are in your life. 
A friend of mine, recently disclosed some information about her Cousin.  They were just married last July, after knowing each other less than a year. They were engaged on New Year's Eve and married while expecting. They have since had the baby and the problems that started on the wedding day have increased since baby.  They had some issues with the brides parents and some control issues and now that baby is here they have argued about everything from circumcision, not allowing h…

Friday FUNDAY!!!

It's a Funday Friday in our world today! Today it was a great, FUN day! Have you ever had a day that is so great that you can not help but scream it from the tops of the roofs? 
We got up early (after a rough night with my 2yo) and got ready, had breakfast and headed out to my Mom's, because it was an Imagination Station Day!!! We had our tickets for Titanic (the exhibit) and the girls were dying from excitement of being able to play in the Kids Korner!!
  We get to the center, grab our boarding passes for 11:30 a.m. to board the Titanic. Ok, it wasn't what I expected at all, but hey, my person lived! So did both my girls. Unfortunately, my Brother and Mom parished with the ship. 
   This was the point that my 5yo was seriously board out of her mind. It was cool to see the artifacts and so forth, but at the same time, it was not worth the $22.00 admission. 
  We then headed to the Kids Korner, where they have a Grocery Store (SuperMarket to my girls), a Doctor's Office wit…

Thursday...It's time for Spring Cleaning!!!

Is your life full of clutter?How about your home?It's about that time when it's out with the old, in with the new.. Or without the new, as my Hubby thinks that getting rid of things means just that, it is time to discard and that does not, in any way, shape -or- form mean to replace!Every Spring we go through this process.  It is the pree-mo time to dust, de-clutter and just get down and dirty with those dust bunnies.  A lot of people take this opportunity to weed through friends and family and separate from the negative ones in their lives. 
After all, this is the time of the year when we are re-emerging from the cold and upon resurface, we want positive and happy to surround us, don't we? Clean and sparkly help too!
So, this brings the next big question, where do you start? Ugh, it can be so overwhelming! I mean, for us personally, we just moved into this old farm house, it isn't even finished and I have dust...boy do I ever! I have drywall dust that seems to re-settle…

Wednesday...H U M P D A Y- What are you doing to get over the HUMP?

Happy Hump Day Everyone!I am working hard to get this week over with already! It has been one of "those" weeks, c'mon, you know the ones I am talking know, when you can't wait to get it over with!I am so ready for Friday. Isn't that sad?  I have this ritual, every week I count down to Friday. I seriously live my life like this- one big countdown!

I have been counting down to Sunday's lately, which is even more depressing. I hate Sunday's. In my opinion, they are just as bad as Mondays! I guess my perception changed when the reality became that this day is the only day the I get a full/work free day with my Hubby! How sad! 

We call it "Family Day" for good reason! It is the only day that we are all home together, even if Hubby does sleep till the afternoon. He gets up in time for late lunch and by 5:00p we are getting ready for dinner, bath time and shortly after its time for bed. Then it is a spin and repeat for the next day. 
Book of the week: Growing Up Duggar: It's All About Relationshipsby  Jill DuggarJinger DuggarJessa DuggarJana Duggar I am reading "Growing up Duggar: It's all about Relationships".  This book is written through the eyes of the Duggar's Oldest girls, Jill, Jinger, Jessa and Jana.  I am only into the first few chapters and already I love this book.  It is very inspirational and uplifting, and if you watch the Duggar's, you can really see where their views stand, in comparison with how America is, in today's day.

I love the show. I must preface with the fact that I am not a Christian. I really have no denominational standing, I was baptized Lutheran and believe in God's pray and word, but have no practiced during my adulthood. I do, however, have a lot of faith and can only hope that my girls have some of the same morals and values that these girls hold true. They are very smart in their craft and very intelligent in regards to how …

Marriage Monday--"How do you have a Perfect Marriage?"

I was asked the craziest question:"How do you have the Perfect Marriage?"As if there were such a thing as a "Perfect Marriage", I can't help but laugh as the question was presented to me. I wasn't sure how to even take it, so that I would not offend, of course. My goal is not to hurt this poor, diluted girl's feelings, after all.  I mean I was once in her shoes, sitting on the outside, "playing house", waiting for that moment when I would get the ring, the commitment, the life. It always looked so happy from my shoes on the "other side", didn't it?
Now, I do not mean to say that my Marriage is not a Happy one, or a great one, but we are far from perfect
I mean, the Perfect does mean:                            * Accurate                            * Exact                            * Without any Flaws                            * Conforming to the ideal type
I think that Hubby and I can agree that we are none of the above.  We are sil…