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Life is why do I want to sit here and have my own Pity Party?

Have you ever just felt off? Life something terrible was about to happen, you couldn't figure out what it was but you aren't connecting with anyone and feel totally alone? I guess this is a "loaded" question. Can you feel like something is about to happen, to the point that the bottom is going to fall from beneath you -and- you feel totally alone?  It would seem that the bottom already fell if you feel so would think? I can't place where my feelings are stemming from. I have a lot of change going on and I hate change, so I just thought maybe that was where my insecurities were arising from? I mean, seriously, I left my job of five years, I am home full time with my girls, who are not making my life easy in any way, shape or form (I am starting to think that this is some kind of initiation and I still haven't passed yet..) and I start a work-at-home job next Thursday and I don't have my office even kind of ready yet. Plus, we are having a birt…

It's Hump Day and I feel like I just need a DRINK!?!?!

My Life is changing and I am scared! I am on the verge (days away now) of being a Work At Home Mom and my Kids are driving me crazy!!!I don't drink, but I feel like there is a strong possibility that I could after this week!  It has been 5 l o n g days and these kids are driving me insane!!!
How do stay at home Mom's survive this? Does it get easier? 

I know it is not their fault. I am trying to find my patient bone and relax but the more they are acting up, the more I am ready to fly off the deep end. Thank God for door locks- yes I use them! Don't judge me. I feel that it is better for me to count to 5 behind a locked bedroom door with flying monkey's on the other side than become a stark raving mad Mama!
I was wondering if it is the transition of me being a working Mom, outside of the being at home all the time? Or maybe it is not them at all? (See how my crazy mind works!) I am stressed. I start next Thursday and Hubby is supposed to put a window in the front…

T.V. Tuesday...Who is watching

Who is tuning in to Lifetime at 10:00 p.m. tonight to watch Tori Spelling dish about Dean? In Tori's Words: 
Throughout my life, the tabloids have told every story you could imagine – and they always got it wrong. I needed the chance to tell my own story. At the moment, I don’t know if it will have a happy ending. But I need to get my voice back, and this is my way of doing that. From Tori's blog: ediTORIal  (
In the docu-series, we get to see Tori's point of view in regards to all the gossip in the tabloids.  The show starts when Dean leaves treatment after entering in January for cheating on his wife, Tori with a woman named Emily Goodhand. Emily went to the tabloids about her "relationship" with Dean, in which he said that Emily was "just a warm body." 
We get to see the most difficult period in Tori's life and ultimately see if they stay together. 
Tori is not sure what to do, trust being a huge factor i…

Happy Birthday to my big 3 year old

At 5:21 a.m. today I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. She was put on this earth to show me patience and kindness and pure love. She was so different from her sister in so many ways. She was so independent from the start and even though she was our baby #2 she never ceased to amaze me. These 3 years have flown by and I thank God everyday for letting me be a part of her life. She is so special to me with her gentle heart and pure kindness and when you pair her with her sister, I know they found one another by their bond.Kaitlyn, you are my sunshine. You always find a way to keep us laughing with your funny side or your HAPPY personality. I truly do not know what I would do without you. Right now you are transitioning through your terrible twos and helping me find my patience through your outbursts, I understand that you are trying to express yourself whether it's anger or sadness and I will remain by your side to help you find your way. You have been amazing to me as I have w…

Marriage Monday...The Couple that survives remodeling a home...

The couple that survives remodeling a home... will be together forever...(true story!) So, it is October.  We had been "looking" for a bigger house for a few months now. Our luck pretty much seems to go like this, find an awesome house, looks abandoned,  research, find realtor, find out it is to late, someone else already swooped up the property...
One of our friends was talking about this "Old House on Brown Road" and I was instantly like, hmm..I wonder if it is "Gray Gables." Yes, I actually said just that! Hubby doesn't think so, not that he even know what I am talking about- Gray Gables... Then, a few days, maybe...later my Mom calls and says that Gray Gables is on the demo block and they are looking for someone to buy it through the Land Bank- which is a newer program from our county where they accept a set amount of monies for a property, some of them are on the demolition block or what not. 
So, I tell Hubby.. I bring up the county information…

Happy Easter!!

Good Morning!It's early and our house is wide awake!! Why? Well, it's Easter..of course. The eggs have all been found. The baskets have been turned upside, literally!  My 3 and 5 yo are having fun with bubbles..In the house. (Thank you Hubby..)I think they must've been good girls because our Easter Bunny was very good to them!!I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a blessed Sunday. This is round 1 for my girls, apparently this Bunny visits Nana and Papa too....Happy Easter!!~KEL~

Warning: Today was a Good Day!

How often are we blessed with one of those days when the earth aligns with the universe and our day becomes much better for just that reason?I have relief and still a bit of anxiety over the unknown today. I awoke at 5:00 a.m., not so much due to my internal alarm clock, but instead due to the pungent smell that was invading my nostrils as I slept. What was that smell, you ask? Ahh...a Skunk, of course... Our entire house reeked of said smell and was literally gagging Hubby and I. It even managed to invade our soon to be three years olds senses. So more than half of my house was awake and tired! The smell seemed to be growing more intense as the seconds, minutes, then hours passed. It was unbearable. We finally opened windows and waited for it to dissipate to the point that we were no longer contemplating an evacuation from the premises.  My thoughts were, "Oh My God, who does that? Who has a Skunk spray inside their home?" Of course, it was inside, probably at the end of ou…

Saying Goodbye is bittersweet..

Today was the end of a chapter, marking the beginning of another. My last day at my current job was anything but normal. I woke up this morning after a terrible nights sleep (thanks to my soon - to - be 3 yo.) thinking that this major migraine would move on by mid morning and was a combo of lack of sleep and some stress. Then I get to work and the real stress begins!  Basically my day was a wash as my replacement, whom I am training- did not have security to even train today. Um, can we say frustrating!!
But the end became real as I ate delicious cake (Thank you so much Wendy) and delicious pulled pork sandwiches (Thank you Tamara) and realized shit just got forrealz...yo..
Then I bid my farewells and leave the building shaking like a leaf all the way to the car...
My Bittersweet goodbye, of course. I am so sad to say goodbye, as I will miss all my coworkers and my work, but I am also very excited to be able to work from home.
So, I am trying not to mind the lovely face zits that ar…

Letter to Teen Mom 2- Girls...

This is my letter to the Teen Mom 2 girls. Preface: I would like to start by saying that I am not a teen Mom. I do not know your struggles, your hardships or your life-besides what is aired on T.V.  I do not wish to "slam" any of you, I believe that you are all doing the best with what you have been dealt.  This being said, I am a Mom, I do understand what it is like to raise children. I was almost a teen mother and although I have not walked in those shoes, I can imagine the things that must weight on each of your shoulders everyday. 
I would then like to say that I have watched not only Teen Mom 2, but all of you in 16 & Pregnant. I almost feel like I have been on walked along side each of you on your journey. I do not agree with *everyone's' choices, but feel that the show has brought to life the consequences of getting pregnant before you are ready. Each of your stories are inspiring and I hope will help me be a better parent when it comes to discussing sex a…

Monday Madness..I work at HOME!!!

What does WAHM mean?WAHM to me is a Life Changer! I am so excited/proud to say that I am a WAHM, or for those of you who are thinking to yourself,  a WHAT?  I am a Work At Home Mom!I am over the moon excited to announce that the position that I was going for, as a Work At Home Administrative Assistant, has become a dream come true!  I landed the job and can not wait to get it all started! 
This was a huge, but easy decision for me! My Hubby was even pretty easily convinced. Of course, it was making sure it was on the up-and-up and all that good stuff, but the whole Work At Home aspect of the job was an easy sell for him. He knows how much I wanted to be able to be home and also be able to work, I have been busting my booty for the past three months with courses just to make this somewhat of a reality. I am so excited that this position just fell into my lap and that it is a dream that is becoming my reality! 
I was offered earlier last week and upon acceptance, and a few wonderfully ha…

Fabulous Friday!!! - BIG NEWS!

It has been a week of GREATS for us! I have posted previously about a job opportunity that I was actively following and I was offered the job on Wednesday! Of course, I excepted!  I am scared, nervous, excited and happy with my decision, kind of in that very order!
I had to resign from my current position and it is almost bittersweet. I am sad to say goodbye to all the faces that I see on a regular basis, but happy to be moving onto a new, exciting opportunity. I just feel that I have been living my life in slow motion since October, when we received the news to start looking, because our company was up in the air with ObamaCare. 
The office has been very mute this past week also. There is a lot of chatter about letting people go in different this literally fell into my lap at just the right time.  The big guy upstairs always had a plan!

I have been praying a lot to ensure the safety of my family and for God and our loved ones to watch over us. I just feel like the botto…

Throwback Thursday...Let's think back to College Years...

Let's take a look those years when you were starting college, or well into it and all the things you did, or didn't experience.What are some of the life experiences that you were able to take under your wing and embrace? What were some life experiences that you avoided? Do you have any regrets?It has been so long since I was in school. Seems like yesterday, but it was a really, really, (let's face it, really) long time ago. When I think back to my freshman year I am hit with the memory of crying in August, days before my College Orientation.  I did not want to go.  A lot had to do with the fact that my Best Friend was not going to school, so I was going to be all alone..
But, I went to orientation (funny thing is that my College was about ten minutes from my house!) and I ended up meeting new people, fitting in just fine and made it through the day.  My first day was full of anxiety, worry about where my classes were located, and if I could find an open seat far awa…

Wacky Wednesday..Real World Explosion RECAP!

It's Wacky Wednesday!Let's talk Real World...Explosion!It has come to an end and boy was it ever engaging! I miss it already, as the last episode was on Monday where the gang all got back together for a "tell all" that proved to be full of surprises!Did you watch the season?I have no idea what happened to me this year! I mean, The Real World, really? I have not watched the Real World since I was in High School, and let me tell you, that was not recently! I tuned into the first episode, by a misguided remote, and have not been able to turn away! 
I was engrossed in the stories, the characters, the show itself! I was simply put...hooked!
The season started out, much like the Real Worlds that I remember from my past..with lots of "hooking up" among roommates. That mating dance that happens when you put men and women into a house together and they are getting acquainted...or rather picking a mate...always is pretty fascinating. Go MTV, right!

Meeting the Cast (The…