This is for Kit Kat

By: Kel Amstutz

The goal of this page is to update periodically with notes to my daughters. Something that they can always reference as life goes on. 

This began as a type of legacy.  Something that I could leave to you and your sister.  Something that was concrete, in the void of a world full of technology. That is how Life of Gray Gables began.  I wanted something that you both could look at and say, This was her. Filled with all the pictures I take daily, to the point that it becomes annoying! ;)  The recipes that I often times do not ever get around to making!  The pins that get lost in life. The words that come to mind but never see reality. I think it is good to note this, because in reality, this is me. 

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--to Kit Kat 

Post 1: 

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoorYou, my darling, are my everything. You are the sunshine that I never knew I was missing. You are the smile that I sometimes lose. You are the best part of me on the darkest of days.  Today, as I write this, you are five, probably plugging away in your Kindergarten class, with all your friends, your teacher, Mrs. Kidd, and all the knowledge that you are picking up.  You surprise me more and more everyday. You are growing up.  As much as that is hard to see, because, well let's face is sad to lose the baby girl you once were, it is also so exciting to watch.  You are reading, and honestly, you are doing amazing.  Your determination and drive is crazy and something that I was not sure you would posses, not in a bad way. You have always been a free spirit, something that we love about you, but it has always been your way, your time, your path. That is how I can tell you are a part of me.  You love for reading comes honest and true and I am so thrilled that you are enjoying this. (I am too!) 

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You have a smile and a laugh that are infectious. Don't ever lose that.  Hold onto that happiness because that is what makes YOU...YOU!  Your love of play and your imagination are something that capture me as I listen quietly from the hall to hear the fun that your doll babies are having, or your farm animals,or stuffed animals. That, too, you got from me. I imagine you will love to write stories with that imagination, much like me, when you are older. Do it. Don't ever stop writing, if that is your dream. 

You are getting so big, and honestly, hardly want to snuggle anymore, which is sad, but I sneak the snuggles in when I can. Don't grow up to fast, little one, let your heart hold the things that make you a kid for as long as possible. 
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You remind me so much of myself, which can be good, and can be bad. Don't be to shy in life. It is tough to live life when you shy away from things that challenge you. I learned to challenge myself, as I know you will to, but let yourself be you, don't hold back to much, accept challenges that may come within your path (with reason). 

I know that God has BIG plans for you. He gave you a caring heart, compassion for others, kindness, beauty and brains.  I can't wait to see where that will all lead you because I know it will be great. 

Always know, I might be your Mom, but I will always be your biggest fan.  I love you little one with all my heart and soul. You mean the world to me, and I am so grateful that I get to be your Mom.  ~March 2017 
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