This is for KJ

By: Kel Amstutz

The goal of this page is to update periodically with notes to my daughters. Something that they can always reference as life goes on. 

This began as a type of legacy.  Something that I could leave to you and your sister.  Something that was concrete, in the void of a world full of technology. That is how Life of Gray Gables began.  I wanted something that you both could look at and say, This was her. Filled with all the pictures I take daily, to the point that it becomes annoying! ;)  The recipes that I often times do not ever get around to making!  The pins that get lost in life. The words that come to mind but never see reality. I think it is good to note this, because in reality, this is me. 

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~For KJ

Post 1:

Where can I even begin, kid. You and me have had some adventures. 

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and outdoorYou, my child, have a heart of gold.  Whenever I am sad and blue, I can always count on you to give me hugs and kisses.  You want snuggles every night before bed, which I hold onto tight because I know those days are limited. You pick my brain, like seriously, and ask questions that confused me, or that I have to constantly google to find the correct answer. I love it.  Your soul is old, which we have always told you, and your thirst for learning has captivated me. 

To watch your grow has been amazing, to see you learn has been incredible, and to find the person that you have become so far has been breathtaking.  You are a great person.  Yes, we all have our moments, but we work through them, and will continue to. You wear your heart on your sleeve, something I must be honest about, I worry, but you would have it no other way, no matter what.  

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoorYou came into this world and instantly became my bff. I love running errands with you, even though we both dislike having to do them, but in those moments we talk, we chat, we connect and I hope that it stays like that.  I love that you confide in me, knowing that I won't judge, I try to stay neutral in all things and listen.  I try my hardest to be there for you, the best I can.  

You are an amazing girl, your sweet, smart, beautiful, caring, loving and full of life. For me, this journey has been that much better having the blessing of spending it with you (and your Dad and Sister ;))  

You, my darling, are a great kid, one that will only keep moving forward and I am so happy that I get to share the moments and memories with you. 

Image may contain: 1 person, closeupThis year, your eight, already....#eek and finishing up 2nd grade. Some days are harder than others, you have dealt with best friends, some meanies, bus problems, bathroom troubles (at school and not about you at all), homework (oh the homework!), and awesome teachers. 

Time keeps flying and I have no idea where you are going in this world, but I know it is going to be HUGE.  You were meant to do BIG things and I can not wait to watch and see it happen! (hopefully not to fast though!)

We've been lucky kid! I love you more!!!  

Always know, I might be your Mom, but I will always be your biggest fan.  I love you bug with all my heart and soul. You mean the world to me, and I am so grateful that I get to be your Mom.  ~March 2017 
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