Happy New Year...Enough Said!

What are your New Years Plans?  Parties?  Low Key? Dinner & a Movie? Relaxing on the couch? 
Maybe your just planning to pop the top on some Asti and kiss the one you love as the clock strikes Midnight?  Maybe you have a Gala event where you get to dress up and drink bubbly out of real glasses, wearing masks and confetti fills your hair and glass at Midnight? 
How about plans for 2015? Aspirations?  Goals?  Resolutions?
Think it through. It is not an easy process. I mean, how many years have you made those darn resolutions and then...come April...your have already ruined them? (Maybe even sooner!)
Why don't you be clear and honest with yourself?  I mean setting goals is a great thing, setting limitations and working hard at staying on track, but don't forget to be REALISTIC!

I chose a banner with Art on it because my 2015 is going to be HUGE!  I am listening to God and following his lead when it comes to my future.  I am going to start being more artistic, more shabby chic and …

Diary of a Sick Kid (from a BAD Mom)

Am I a BAD Mom?  I am starting to wonder.  The treatment that I have experienced in the past 24 hours from Family and Friends is making me feel as if I did something wrong. 

I have kids.  Kids, who are sick ... A LOT!  We started with this coughing crap (pardon my french..but that is what it is!) on the 18th.  I debated every I let my five year old go to school or do I keep her home.  I chose to let her go.  We talked and I found that a) she is not the ONLY kid sick at school and b) it is 2 days and then break. 

The sickness followed well into her break, through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day even.  Long days.  She was wore out and it showed.  She was a trooper though- cranky, but not to bad and she knew when to fold 'em and head her butt to bed for some rest!

So, that brings us to Monday.  We had a sick weekend.  We laid low, relaxed, watched movies and she was carrying a less than normal appetite. We tried to just get food in her belly...broth, tomato soup, spaghetti …