Guess who's TURNING SIX...OH MY...

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Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standingImage may contain: 1 person, child, hat, outdoor and natureThis girl right here....where do I even begin.  See that sweet face? Those tiny hands? Those teeny legs? That bright smile?  Those eyes...they will literally melt your heart.  This one. She came last. The last of them all. The one that almost did not come....if not from a miracle.  She kicked hard. She played day and night.  She made me so hungry for cream of wheat and so sick at the same time. She drained the life from me... She had her own plan, from the beginning. She was going to sit, upright, of course. She wasn't going to move, nope, not her. No matter how hard they pushed, pulled and tugged at her while she was still growing in my belly.  Nope. Not Kit Kat. She was determined to do this thing called life on her terms...that hasn't changed one bit!

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I can still remember being so tired. I got up to get her sister her pacifier (binkey) which fell behind her crib, as usual!  I had to get down on the floor to retrieve it and then, well, Kit Kat was ready. Of course the kid was born on 4/21 at 5:21 a.m., in true Kit Kat fashion!  She was big, bigger than she even is now, I laugh!  She had a head full of hair and a set of lungs on her! 

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, shoes and outdoorShe found comfort in her Daddy's arms first, due to her terms and the whole breech business, and those two, wowie wow wow, they are inseparable. Life changer with this kid.  I think I found patience with her. She didn't sleep for the first four years of her tiny life. She cried a lot. She laughed even more. She brought a joy that I never knew I could have, and let me tell you, her sister brought down the joy, so that is saying something huge! She has always been a lover. She has always been sweeter than the sweetest candy.

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And this kid is FUNNY. Let me tell you. The things that I will treasure are things that make me laugh with her. That is a big part of her personality. Yes, she changed all of our lives. 

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And yes, she is going on six and still whines.  Her poor husband. Sure, she is getting better, but trust me, the whines still happen, hourly! But, we love her, our girl, with all our hearts. 

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Wowie Kit Kat, I can't believe your finally six- I say that because you said it seems like forever!  Trust me, it doesn't. It seems so unbelievable hard to believe that it is finally here.  You make us so proud, you help us smile more, you give us a breath of fresh air when we need it the most. You are a blessing, tiny and cute, sweet and kind, loud and vibrant. Don't change little one. 

Happiest of Happy Birthdays Baby Girl, we love you so much and hope you have the BEST field trip at school today, the BEST dinner with us tonight and the BEST birthday party tomorrow!  MAKE A WISH and Dream BIG sweetie! 
Love you more,

Mom, Daddy and KJ (OK, Otis, Pumkin and Pork Chop too...and eleven-ish chickens!)

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