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Where do you start.....when HOMESTEADING...

It was three years ago (give or take) that we were the proud owners of a beautiful 5 acre piece of land.  I have always dreamed of living in the country and now that we are here...I sadly, don't know where to start! 

Our property came to us as an empty canvas. We had an old farm house built in 1892 and the carriage house to match, both in ROUGH shape.  Since then, we added a pond, a pole barn and have done a lot of work...with more to come!  We made the conscious decision to add chickens to our property as a means to having endless fresh eggs. We started a garden and have been tending it as best as we could, learning so many things along the journey.  From biggest question is, where do we go?  I am overwhelmed with laying out our little farm.  So this is where the question comes in...