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What your child’s teacher wishes you knew

Your child’s teacher is reading, with
 your child, every day. 

This is a fact. It begins in Kindergarten and builds. It is critical that reading does not stop once your child gets on that bus at the end of the day. 
I am fortunate to have my child(ren) attend a school that gets Parents involved in everything that is going on in the classroom. It is reinforcing my child and defining her as a successful student. 
From first hand, I have seen the success.
She is in first grade, reading chapter books for 4th and 5th graders. She reads out-loud and to herself and is a confident reader. She will try, no matter if she is right or wrong, which is quite a statement. But further than that, she is dissecting the story as she is reading. She stops to ask questions, she reiterates the story to me for clarification and she will go back and re-read if something is missing, lost or not making sense.
If you have a child in elementary school, they are, no doubt, being expected to read.  Did you know that the…