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One FISH...Two FISH... Three FISH... FOUR....

Friday, April 22, 2016 by: Kelley Amstutz

Yesterday was a busy, crazy, fanatically magicalday for one birthday girlas she made her way to FIVE! 

She went to Pre-K, where she helped her teachers make a birthday crown!  

I picked her up and whiskered her back home for lunch- nutella in the shape of a HEART...of course! 

While she was at school, this Mom snuck in to grab a HUGE Minnie Mouse balloon to SURPRISE her when we made our way back home after school...and it WORKED! 

She was so gosh, darn excited for the balloon...that honestly, we have had before for one of the other four birthdays she has had that has been MINNIE...just saying!

OK- so we ate lunch...then Daddy got up and we headed to the PET STORE.  All she knew was that we had an important errand to run and she would leave HAPPY. worked!

But, said Pet Store did NOT have what we needed- unfortunately

So off to Wally-world we go...because they have EVERYTHING..don't ya know

Tank- Check.Fish- Check.Fish- Check.Fish- Check.F…