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[Personal Post] - Today you turn seven...

[Personal Post] - Today you turn seven (7) 
February 4, 2016
by: KJ's Mom

Today is bittersweet. 

I find myself sitting back often, more than usual, thinking...wondering...remembering all the time that seems to have past in a blink of an eye, a turn of a key, a flash right in front of me...only to find myself talking, laughing, loving this amazing girl, this bright, cheerful, sweet, amazing girl, who is not so little any longer.

Seven years have past since the day you were born. 

I will never forget that day. 
I might tell you this story for the rest of my life, every birthday that passes, you will hear this story, the day the world gained an old soul, a truly special baby girl who's purpose in this world is nothing more than for greatness.

It was a cold morning. I was still working, early in the morning. I was getting packed up to head out for another day of work when lone behold, while reaching down to grab a beverage from beside the water decided to break. 

OK, so it was…