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How To Know If You're Ignoring Your Intuition (day 4)

By: Kel Amstutz
Keywords: Intuition, Gypsy, Spirit lead, instincts, downtime, healthy risks, grace, my story, life at gray gables, journey of self discovery

I feel very connected to my gypsy roots, like I can relate and have been handed down the gifts of the people who are my ancestors.  I can trust my instincts, for the most part with little doubt, as they are typically right, even when I don't chose to follow.  I can predict a phone call when someone is on my mind and I can read a hell of a tarot deck and I don't practice.  How is this?  I feel things and when I get rid of the voice that says I am just crazy or the doubt that beckons, I find that the instincts happen. Coincidence...I think NOT. 

I seem to be able to better grasp past, present and even future things, than most I walk among.  I seem to be the sought after person for events that are taking place to help ground and navigate friends and family.  But, every human possesses a sixth sense...and no we are not talking a…