[Personal Post] I'm going to SEE the WORLD

Life happens on a blink of an eye
By: Kel Amstutz   May 23, 2016

They always tell you to enjoy the little things, don't get lost in the mundane things in life...or my fav, I can always clean later, the now is for making memories.

Then...your baby graduates from Pre-School and you blink back the tears as you remember those sleepless nights...rocking her in the dark, trying to make her feel safe, calm to sleep.
Yes  she still whines  (constantly) and sometimes she needs help getting her shirts off without ripping her very girly earrings out if her head...or help with the start off on the swings... but the rocking days are long gone... the days of independence are taking over.

This weeping feeling came over me as my big girl climbed the stage last Thursday night, with her classmates, to sing her heart out about things under the sea. This sadness caught me as her name was called and she grabbed her diploma and shook her teachers hands, tassel hanging proudly on her sailor hat.

We have passed another milestone in the game of life. We are on the right path. Summer is HERE and we are talking a lot about Kindergarten. It has become our excitement, our thrill of things to come, of big kid school.

Yes, I am over the moon excited, both my babies will be in school, riding the bus to and fro, learning and creating, making new friends. But, my baby will be in school, full time.

This girl is so different from my soon-to-be 2nd grader. I love that fact. She is creative. She is imaginative. She is fun and happy. But, she is tiny. She is tough, but oh so tiny.

Kit Kat, we are SOO proud of you. You did it! You are ready for Kindergarten, no doubt about it. Life just keeps moving.

Then, Hubby had a birthday! It is so hard to believe we have been together since hubby was 22 years old. That fact doesn't even seem real. He acted as if he really didn't want to make a BIG deal about it... silly boy!

Of course we had cake and ice cream. We had presents and even a balloon! (Thanks Mom)
It is a big deal. My hubby had a birthday!

Happy Birthday baby, we love you so much and appreciate all you do for us.

Life moves on...it always keeps moving... forward and faster as each year grows cold.

Prayer Request:
I am asking for some prayers today My Uncle (45) had his appendix burst almost 2 weeks ago and is riddled with infection. He has a long road ahead of him, as his colon was affected with infection and an extremely large section of  was removed... beyond this, he spiked a high fever on Saturday and continued to have a low grade fever yesterday. I am asking for prayers for him, as well as a special prayer for my Grandma, who is 81 and is not in great health herself after a car accident.  She will need to help care for him, which he was previously helping care for her. Our family is doing all we can, but could use a few more prayers to help my Uncle through his battle.

Life continues...life goes on...

I'm leaving now, to go see the world... not literally, of course, but figuratively, the greener grass could do us all some wonder today!


~Kel Amstutz
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