5 Tips for Stay at Home Moms

Being that my life is about to be a bit more flexible (details to come) - I am reaching out to all the stay at home Mommy's out there!  

20 Quotes For Challenging Times:

What is your BIGGEST Challenge with being a 
Stay at Home Mom? 

How do you handle the flexibility through the day?  

"In your morning prayers each day, ask Heavenly Father to guide you to recognize an opportunity to serve one of His precious children." - M Russell Ballard:
I am a list person and have put together five (5) things that I wanted to share on how I 'plan' on handling my new found freedom of being out of the brick and mortar. 
Maybe it can help other Moms who are as apprehensive about transitioning into the Stay at Home Mom field.

Tips for Stay at Home Moms

  1. Create a schedule.  - I am a very visual person and tend to list out everything that I wish to complete and feel accomplished when I am able to check something off the list as I go. I think that this could be handy when trying to design my day. 
  2. Be realistic about goals. - When I sit down to create my list, I always allow for some "flex" time for those things that come up unexpectedly.  I try to set goals for my day but I try to also stay in a frame of mind that it is OK to challenge some things but to think about what the day holds, i.e. I write down that we are going to the park from 11:30 - 12:00 and it rains - well we will not meet this goal today and that is alright! 
  3. Get inspired. - I am a crafty person. I love doing this and that and I think that it is important to get my kiddos involved, especially as they hold the same craftiness!  I also think that spending some time working on our alphabet, numbers, and writing our name is just as important- whether your inspiration for making this happen is a white board, chalk board or learning books!
  4. Make Mommy friends. - This is really important. When you are at the park and your kids are playing- that is a common ground with another Mom who has her little's playing as well. Strike up a friendship, make play dates and take time our for a little girls night here and there away from Hubby's and Kiddos. It can make a world of difference.
  5. Decide if you might want to try working from home. - I know, it sounds scary, but there are a ton of things that you can do working at home, and not all of them involve heavy customer service or being on the phones all day.  Many offer flexibility and a chance to find your inner entrepreneur! 

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