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Personal Post : Today you started school....

Today was a day that I wish life were different.  

I wish that I was there.  

My big girl started Pre-K today and although I was able to take some time to see her off to her very first ever day of school, I had to miss hearing all abouther day.  I had to miss hearing about the new friends she just made. I had to miss seeing her enthusiastic face as she saw familiar faces at the end of the day. 
It is these things that make it hard. 

To Miss Four (4) -

You were awake before Mommy this morning. 
We were sure not to make a mention of your big day all weekend long. 

It was at this moment, at a bright six o'clock a.m. that you had your first melt down. Your tears were abundant and left a trail of wet riverbeds on your rosy cheeks. 

"I don't want to go to school." 
It was your sis who came to the rescue, telling you all about how much fun Pre-K would be, the new friends you were sure to meet (yes, you were insistent that your new friends would be named Kait, like yourself) and the …