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Finding your Purpose (Day 1)

By: Kel Amstutz

Hi ya'll.  I wanted to start a series of Blog Posts for the Summer as I engage deeper in my own personal JOURNEY as I continue to look for the joy and find my own personal purpose.  I wanted to share some of the research that I have done, as it relates to my life's path, in hopes that it might help ya'll find your own purpose and path. 
How to find your purpose We all have a purpose in life. I strongly believe this. There is something each of us is meant to do in our lives, and it’s something that only we can do. Hence, YOUR STORY. Others may share a similar purpose, but the way you bring it to life is unique.  Unlocking your true purpose will spark a change in your life that you can’t help but follow. Your purpose is meant to be fulfilled, and by doing so, you not only fulfill your purpose - you inspire others to do the same. This is how you can personally have an impact that reverberates throughout the world, something that many of us seek.  There are three…

The FOURTH of July...on the 6th! #betterlatethannever

By: Kel Amstutz

Hi ya'll!  

Here I am, sharing with you all on the 6th of July...SHOUTING from the ROOFTOPS - - - Happy 4th!


I am not crazy...well...maybe a little... but due to the activities that took place this past weekend...and just waking up (not really although I do wish...) I wanted to stop by and say HAPPY 4th to everyone and see how your holiday went....I mean with it being on a Tuesday and all this week. 

I have been referring to this week as The Wacky Week because...seriously...

work on Monday...OFF on Tuesday....then back WednesdayThursday and Friday.  
Crazy, right!  

And since the vacation time is not here...just yet...
I am going through the a zombie...but Hey Hey, I'm still here, on time...KILLING IT! #asif

So, let's get down to the WHAT'S UP... 

What did ya'll do?  

Here's our pictures:

BLOG WORK ahead....sorry for ALL the emails today!

by: Kel Amstutz
Blogging, Blog work, I'm SORRY, inbox mail

First and foremost, 

for all the EMAILS that I have caused you today! 
I am cleaning up the BLOG and realized that somehow...[operator error] I have unpublished like, more than half of my blog posts. 

So, after making this SHOCKING discovery, I got to work [busy me] getting everything re-proofed(like, seriously) and re-PUBLISHED, which then caused my ownINBOX to go CRAZY with Life at Gray Gables notifications. 


My Bad...
So, I wanted to make sure that I let you all know that I AM SORRY!

This is temporary and will not happen again [ lord help me ]  and once I have it ALL loaded, that is it,  it's a DONE deal! 

Hopefully, this will allow the links that are out there, still wandering helplessly around the internet world, to WORK! 

[can you even imagine how many people have clicked to find out the link is GONE....thinking FOREVER..but really, this girl here just accidentally tripped on the…

A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my other half...

By:   Kel Amstutz

Today might be another day to anyone else, but to us, it is a special day!  
Another year has passed. Another birthday is before you.

I can not believe that I have been lucky enough to stand beside you for the past sixteen years. (yea...I said it!)  
With each year, things have changed.  We have grown.  Life has moved faster than I think either of us could have ever imagined.  
I know that this one is creeping closer to that birthday that shall remain nameless, but I want you to know that I am so proud of you, the Husband that you are to me, the Dad that you are to our babies. 
You provide for us, you care for us, you keep us safe and make sure we have everything that we need to make this life, our life, amazing. 
I feel incredibly blessed to have found you, lucky to get to call you my Hubby, and to have you by my side on this crazy adventure.  
You are a hard worker, you set goals and make them happen time and time again, and you make me laugh daily.  
I love you and wish you …

Raising an Old Soul within your child

By: Kel Amstutz03/28/2017
It's been eight years.  It's even hard for me to say, to admit that fact. Hard to face the reality that eight years has passed by already, in what seems like a blink of an eye, literally.  

She was born and my world, our world, has changed forever.  I remember looking at her little face, being amazed and enamored all in the same at this tiny human that join our world, that I was entrusted to take care of, to teach and help learn and grow.  

Trust me, it has not been a picnic, we have messed up royally in this short span of time, but it's no wonder.  

I mean, have you ever just looked at your child, really looked at them, past the cuteness that is on the surface and just knew that they had been here before, in some way, shape or form?  

An Old Soul. 
This is my oldest.  She is sassy, to smart for her own good, opinionated, outspoken at times, stubborn as all get out, and by goodness, when she thinks that she is right, SHE IS RIGHT!

I blame this on the fac…