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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Finding your Purpose (Day 1)

By: Kel Amstutz

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Hi ya'll.  I wanted to start a series of Blog Posts for the Summer as I engage deeper in my own personal JOURNEY as I continue to look for the joy and find my own personal purpose.  I wanted to share some of the research that I have done, as it relates to my life's path, in hopes that it might help ya'll find your own purpose and path. 

How to find your purpose

We all have a purpose in life. I strongly believe this. There is something each of us is meant to do in our lives, and it’s something that only we can do. Hence, YOUR STORY. Others may share a similar purpose, but the way you bring it to life is unique. 
Unlocking your true purpose will spark a change in your life that you can’t help but follow. Your purpose is meant to be fulfilled, and by doing so, you not only fulfill your purpose - you inspire others to do the same. This is how you can personally have an impact that reverberates throughout the world, something that many of us seek. 

There are three stages to finding your purpose:

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  • The first stage involves having a clear understanding of who you are and what you want.

  • The second stage identifies what might be holding you back from finding your purpose and, once you’ve addressed any/all roadblocks, you begin to understand what your purpose is.

  • The third stage is about bringing your purpose to life and how to do it in a way where it is brought into your life right now.
Right now, we are going to work through the first stage. Ready? Let’s get started!
Ask yourself: How do you like to feel?
In life, we are usually guided in regards to our achievements. These achievements are a mix of what we need for basic survival (ex: food, shelter, and sex) and society-based achievements (ex: career, home, and family).
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Your purpose is meant to be fulfilled, and by doing so, you not only fulfill your purpose - you inspire others to do the same.
Image result for purposeMost of us aim for these achievements, although the details around them can differ, such as the type of home you choose, your income level, or your career is replaced by a certain business or self-employment. These goals are great. However, we’re often left with a feeling that there is ‘something’ that is missing. We are unfulfilled. This feeling can be hard to articulate but can result in feeling restless, lost, despondent, or even slightly depressed. After achieving these goals, there can be a feeling of confusion. These goals don’t make us feel how we thought they would.
We get to this point because we have essentially jumped into life without knowing how we want our lives to feel.
Image result for purposeThis is the first aspect of ‘know thyself’ that we need to identify within ourselves. So, the very first place to start is to understand and establish how you like to feel rather than what you want to achieve.
This is a journey and you need to remember this.  
I would like for you to stop here.  Make a list of HOW YOU LIKE TO FEEL, right now, not how you would like to feel, we will get there, but for now think about the question.  Do you like to fee Free? Valuable? Connected?  Build off of this main feeling and break it down into 3-5 core feelings. 
We are going to think about breaking down our life purpose into a simple, clear and practical way to uncover the layers. 

What Are Your Themes?

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The next area to uncover about yourself is your themes. Your themes are made up of two elements: tangible themes and intangible themes.
Tangible themes can be described as your passions, your interests, your hobbies, or the constants in your life. What do you daydream about doing? What would you spend every waking moment on if you could? What are the things you don’t have much time for right now but wish you did? Some examples include writing, photography, art, music, and travel.
Intangible themes are interests that are mind or personality centered. You wouldn’t describe them as hobbies, but they form an integral part of your life. Examples of intangible themes include spirituality, discovery, learning, adventure, and freedom. A love of learning can be a large theme in your life, just as much as a passion for tennis.
The themes you uncover will help you narrow down how you can bring your purpose to life.
I would like for you to stop here.  Make a list of your THEMES and break it down to 3-5 MAIN THEMES in your life. 

Uncover Your Motivations

Image result for purposeWhen you’re incredibly passionate about something, it can be hard to distinguish between a life calling or being a hobby.
You need to get down to the core of a passion, or what exactly it is that hooks you.

Think about this, when you are living your purpose you aren't on the clock and you don't feel like you need to check in... because you aren't chained to anything.
You need to uncover your WHY. Start by asking what you love about __________, then ask WHY. Why do you love __________? What is it? How does it make you feel?
I would like for you to stop here.  Use the questioning strategy above for your themes and your core values and dig deep to get into exactly what it is that motivates you. This is important. 
Please keep in mind, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that because you enjoy something you should do it full time, especially if you’re particularly good at it. It’s almost harder if you’re particularly good at something, as many other people might expect you to turn it into something bigger.
Image result for not every passion is meant to be followed
Not every passion is meant to be followed, and not every opportunity is meant to be taken. There is nothing wrong with keeping hobbies as hobbies!

What Are Your Values?

Image result for valuesThe final section that I am going to cover in getting to know yourself is to know your personal values.
Your values are the qualities that you deem highly important in life, within yourself or from others.
Your personal values act as a sort of character guide, similar to your personal morals. Although you might not do so consciously, you make decisions based on your personal values.
Your values will influence nearly everything you do, as well as who you spend your time with.
Image result for valuesDisagreements or conflicts with others can usually come down to a clash or misunderstanding of values. A person who values honesty above all else may feel deeply hurt by a white lie told by a friend - more so than that friend ever expected or intended. We tend to hold our values as a measuring stick for those around us.
Knowing your values forms a personal guide and helps keep you on the right path. Your decisions, interests, friends, and social groups will be loosely based on your own values.
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I would like for you to stop here.  Go ahead and make a list of your Core Values and start narrowing it down.  Think about respect, honesty, compassion, openness....

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At this point you should have a clear picture of who you are and what truly drives you. This is the first stage UNCOVERED! 

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As for the next stage; your purpose is built around what you have written. Your answers will give clues to what your purpose is, and how you can bring it to life in your own unique way.

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The FOURTH of July...on the 6th! #betterlatethannever

By: Kel Amstutz

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Hi ya'll!  

Here I am, sharing with you all on the 6th of July...SHOUTING from the ROOFTOPS - - - Happy 4th!  

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I am not crazy...well...maybe a little... but due to the activities that took place this past weekend...and just waking up (not really although I do wish...) I wanted to stop by and say HAPPY 4th to everyone and see how your holiday went....I mean with it being on a Tuesday and all this week. 

I have been referring to this week as The Wacky Week because...seriously...

  • work on Monday...
  • OFF on Tuesday....
  • then back Wednesday
  • Thursday 
  • and Friday.  

Crazy, right!  

And since the vacation time is not here...just yet...
I am going through the a zombie...but Hey Hey, I'm still here, on time...KILLING IT! #asif

So, let's get down to the WHAT'S UP... 

What did ya'll do?  

Here's our pictures:

Image may contain: 1 person
This is the face of my child who is mad as could be... to be sitting in timeout because she keeps stealing her sisters barbie. But...this makes NO SENSE she tells me... #add2 #timeout #thepout #soupset#barbiebrat 
Ps...her sister is sitting out with her...just because#bestlittlesis #support #justbecause

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Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, closeup

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, selfie and closeup

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Um... Kit Kat is clearly #marshmellowwasted 

Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and nature
Snow...just just the weeds on the back two...

So, clearly you can see that we did a lot of:
  • SWIMMING....
  • a little Time-Out time...
  • Selfie's :) 
  • and got MarshmEllow Wasted...
I mean, who didn't?   

But, we also watched a heck of a firework display care of our awesome neighbors on Saturday evening and the Hubs and Oldest kiddo went to see our friends kick butt fireworks display last night....

so the question remains...

IS the 4th of JULY OVER? 


So, from our yours- we wish you a 
HAPPY 4th 
(sure it's a little late) and I encourage YOU to share you stories and pics!  

Until next time...

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

BLOG WORK ahead....sorry for ALL the emails today!

by: Kel Amstutz
Blogging, Blog work, I'm SORRY, inbox mail

First and foremost, 


for all the EMAILS that I have caused you today! 

I am cleaning up the BLOG and realized that somehow...[operator error] I have unpublished like, more than half of my blog posts. 


So, after making this SHOCKING discovery, I got to work [busy me] getting everything re-proofed (like, seriously) and re-PUBLISHED, which then caused my own INBOX to go CRAZY with Life at Gray Gables notifications. 


My Bad...

So, I wanted to make sure that I let you all know that I AM SORRY!  

This is temporary and will not happen again 
[ lord help me ] 
and once I have it ALL loaded, that is it, 
it's a DONE deal! 


Hopefully, this will allow the links that are out there, still wandering helplessly around the internet world, to WORK! 

[can you even imagine how many people have clicked to find out the link is GONE....thinking FOREVER..but really, this girl here just accidentally tripped on the plug, ripping it from the wall- AGH!]

Anyways, I have been busy, working on this 
what's been going on 
and please FORGIVE ME!!!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my other half...

By:   Kel Amstutz

Today might be another day to anyone else, but to us, it is a special day!  

  • Another year has passed. 
  • Another birthday is before you. 

I can not believe that I have been lucky enough to stand beside you for the past sixteen years. (yea...I said it!)  

With each year, things have changed
We have grown. 
Life has moved faster than I think either of us could have ever imagined.  

I know that this one is creeping closer to that birthday that shall remain nameless, but I want you to know that I am so proud of you, the Husband that you are to me, the Dad that you are to our babies. 

You provide for us, you care for us, you keep us safe and make sure we have everything that we need to make this life, our life, amazing. 

I feel incredibly blessed to have found you, lucky to get to call you my Hubby, and to have you by my side on this crazy adventure.  

You are a hard worker, you set goals and make them happen time and time again, and you make me laugh daily.  

I love you and wish you the happiest of birthdays to date!  

I hope you know how much we appreciate you and how much we love you and how excited we are to share you special day with you

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY, to many more!!!

Love :
Me and the Girls! ;)

Dear Hubby:

I feel like sometimes the weight of the world lies on your shoulders.  I wish to take that weight and hold some of it up for you. Why?  Because, I feel like this is our world, not just that of your own.  I feel that you complete me, fill me with joy, passion, love and have worked hard to give me a life better than that of my dreams. You are a part of my soul, my make-up.  Perhaps you feel like you can handle the things life throws at you, alone, but I don't want you to, I don't want to feel cheated from that burden, just like I don't wish to fight the weight on my own either. My choice is you, has been you and will always be you, I want you, I want to live beside you throughout our life, to carry the weight along side of you, to hear your thoughts, your fears, your happiness. I want that. 

Every. Single. Day.  

So, here is a letter- an "open letter" if you will, that applies to our past, our present, and our future.  This is to tell you how much I want you, I need you.  To tell you that I am human.  To tell you that I am grateful for you.  To tell you how much YOU matter not only to ME, but to the world

There is a downright myriad of emotions that I feel about you loving me, despite all of my imperfections (I mean, I seriously did NOT know that MGK was Machine Gun Kelly- opps!)- but that one that stands out the most is gratitude.  So thank you. 

Thank you for letting me shine. You have let me follow my dreams, feel out my crazy feelings, manage our crazy household and look after our crazy kiddos.  And you never, ever question me.  You never, ever question my ability.  You are just always there- on the sidelines- cheering me on, repeating over and over again that I am capable of greatness. I'll admit; I don't always believe you. In fact, I hardly ever do.  But your faith and belief in me is more than enough,all on it's own. It is from this that I have watched, learned and practiced, to ensure that I give you this gift as well.  

Thank you for being my teacher.  

Thank you for centering me.  You are my rock. You have this loving way of grounding me when I get wild and crazy ideas, (c'mon...we all know these are a regular event in my head!) and this thrilling way of lifting me when I am down.  You always seem to know (and give) just what I need at just the right moment. It does not go unnoticed

This one is a big one -

Thank you for showing me who I really am.  Since the day we met, I knew you were different. Probably before we met, actually.  The minute you walked into my life, I felt immediately comfortable and content with exactly who I am

Everything just made...sense.  

You have magnified my strengths and my weaknesses, all at the same time. At times it is downright confusing...and wonderful... in one moment.  You have taught me how to be myself and love who I am.  

In time, the mountain of diapers we once had have disappeared, the messes have gotten (a little) cleaner, the babies we once watched over like hawks have turned into little girls who are not so needy... and it is rediscovering US again. (Layoff helps too! I get to see your face EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.) 

Somewhere in between the crumbs leftover on the road trips and nights where we stay awake watching reruns of The Walking Dead, I've learned some things, too.  

Things about the marvelous, fascinating, fantastic you.

You have depths, stories and history that is worth knowing.  I love it when you share it with me, talking about days that are so long gone.  I want to know more, I want to know every-single-thing that is to your story.  I want to sit on the couch with you and drown myself in Wendy's frosty's and hear every. last. word.

You have weaknesses that are worth overcoming. It doesn't mean you are not strong. I would never begin to think that. In fact, weaknesses make our relationship stronger.  When you admit to me, you really are saying that you trust me, you are vulnerable and you need me, as much as I need you. 

You have a future worth attaining. Talk about your goals, your work goals, your life goals, your dreams. Make adventures with me. Whatever you want in life, part of my responsibility is to help to make those happen. I am listening. Hanging onto every word. 

You have tons of talents, showcase them.  You can make our children laugh, you have the ability to lift up everyone in the room, and I mean that. You have a gift with pallet wood, one that I am so proud of. And no one has chicken coop building skills like you, hands down! 

Your opinions are worth sharing. What you say, it matters. What you think, it matters.  You shape our household just as much as I do, and I want to know what you think.  Let's talk. Let's work together, find balance and help each other out, together.

This is our life. It's a pretty great one too! Relax. Time moves so fast, just enjoy it.  We are a partnership in so many ways and it shows in our relationship. I just want you to know that the older we get, sometimes the appreciation can get overlooked, this is my way of saying, I, WE, appreciate you. I love you. WE love you so much. 

I love you. 

Love - 
Your Wifey 

May 3, 2017

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Raising an Old Soul within your child

By: Kel Amstutz03/28/2017

Image result for eightIt's been eight years.  It's even hard for me to say, to admit that fact. Hard to face the reality that eight years has passed by already, in what seems like a blink of an eye, literally.  

She was born and my world, our world, has changed forever.  I remember looking at her little face, being amazed and enamored all in the same at this tiny human that join our world, that I was entrusted to take care of, to teach and help learn and grow.  

Trust me, it has not been a picnic, we have messed up royally in this short span of time, but it's no wonder.  

I mean, have you ever just looked at your child, really looked at them, past the cuteness that is on the surface and just knew that they had been here before, in some way, shape or form?  

An Old Soul. 
Image result for you tube clip artThis is my oldest.  She is sassy, to smart for her own good, opinionated, outspoken at times, stubborn as all get out, and by goodness, when she thinks that she is right, SHE IS RIGHT!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes, outdoor and natureI blame this on the fact that this world, to her, has already been experienced.  

She teaches me things on a regular basis.  She has bypassed the days of toys and wants to learn technology, science, words in books.  The things is, she has always been like this.  Never a true child, not really.  She has always been thirsty for knowledge but not surface knowledge, nope, not her, she wants to dig further, deeper into the more complex issues. 
Her purpose might not be known just yet, but I promise you this, that girl has purpose.  She was not put back on this planet to just be, she was put here to do. 
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, table and indoorRaising a child with an old soul, well, can be a humbling experience, to say the least.  I remember when she was little, maybe two or so, trying to hide something that I was feeling down and out about.  She kept looking at me.  I, of course, pretended to smile and act like everything was A-OK, as usual. She reached up, touched my cheek, looked into my eyes and told me it would be ok.  She was just a baby, but she looked at me like she understood, which I have no doubt that she did.  This has continued, she has always been my kid that will say, "Mom needs a break."  This is often followed with her taking her sister into the next room, to occupy her for a few minutes. 
It goes beyond just this, as the connection that she holds with her little sister is stronger than I could have ever imagined.  Sure, they don't get along all the time, but her sister will fall down and it is my oldest who runs to her, cries with her, comforts her, and is there for her, truly. 
Image may contain: textThe conversations that we have, although not always flowers and blue skies, because, let's face it people, this world is not an awesome place, are intense and deep, things that even today she stops to ask about, as she is still processing things that we discussed two years ago. 
Of course, she can be a pill sometimes, because at the end of the day, she is still a tiny human, after all.  She can be the bossiest of sisters and often tried to be the third parent in our household, which gets her into trouble!  And, she is messy, like messier than messy and can never find anything, like ever!  She rolls her eyes consistently, especially when I ask her to stop bossing, and her mouth talks back, and most recently, under her breath in most moments.  But, this is eight! 
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoorThen, she looks into my eyes when we are talking and I start to think about the world, life, souls, where we came from and where we are going.  She is a constant reminder, everyday, how lucky, how blessed I am that God put her in my care.  She is calm when chaos happens, she worries about the BIG things and the little things, she bears a hug at just the right moment and she is a mad loomer, even if this Mama finds tiny rubber bands of every color of the rainbow ALL OVER THE HOUSE! 

I worry about her old soul. 
I worry that her big heart will be broken, a lot.  She loves with her all.
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and closeup

I worry that this world, this one that is so different from the one her old soul lived, will take away some of the uniqueness of my girl. 
I worry that she feels to much and this world, which is overwhelming and scary will swallow her up. 
And, I especially worry that I have absolutely no idea what in the world I am doing as a parent. I don't think my own soul is as old as hers. 
So, here I sit, doing my best to raise my old soul. She is many things, some still surprise me regularly.  
She tells me often that 'we all get two lives, one before and one after'. Maybe someday, I too will know what that means. 
For now, I will remain thankful that I was picked to be a part of this special girls life.  That I get to hug her, kiss her boo boos, love her with all I have and continue to guide her through this life the best that I can.  She is a kid that is a treat and one that makes me smile even when I feel like I am at my worst. 
I love you more, Kiddo

No automatic alt text available.

Love ~ Mom

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