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December.... The Struggle is real #saveme

It's DECEMBER and yes...
I have officially   [OFFICIALLY]     lost my freakin' mind! 

I mean, the stockings have been hung #withcare, it's time for #saintnicholas soon to be here. 

It sounds all lovely and magical, right! 

Until you STOP and THINK about all the time... all the work... all the blood, sweat and of course, those alligator tears that fell when you had those last two (2) boxes to carry down two flights of stairs and you know they were heavy as all get out to only discover that the stuff inside said heavy boxes is stuff that YOU DON'T EVEN NEED! #aghhh

Hey, this is just the decorating part...js.

Don't get me started on the gift buying- because...let's just say that I did good- or so I thought until some of those goodies that I order from well double/triple coupon cashing placeplaces my order with said gifts only to suddenly be: 

OUT OF STOCK when it comes time to ship. #really

So, back to the drawing board I go. #ohwhatfun

Now, there are piles of gifts litteri…