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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

BLOG WORK ahead....sorry for ALL the emails today!

by: Kel Amstutz
Blogging, Blog work, I'm SORRY, inbox mail

First and foremost, 


for all the EMAILS that I have caused you today! 

I am cleaning up the BLOG and realized that somehow...[operator error] I have unpublished like, more than half of my blog posts. 


So, after making this SHOCKING discovery, I got to work [busy me] getting everything re-proofed (like, seriously) and re-PUBLISHED, which then caused my own INBOX to go CRAZY with Life at Gray Gables notifications. 


My Bad...

So, I wanted to make sure that I let you all know that I AM SORRY!  

This is temporary and will not happen again 
[ lord help me ] 
and once I have it ALL loaded, that is it, 
it's a DONE deal! 


Hopefully, this will allow the links that are out there, still wandering helplessly around the internet world, to WORK! 

[can you even imagine how many people have clicked to find out the link is GONE....thinking FOREVER..but really, this girl here just accidentally tripped on the plug, ripping it from the wall- AGH!]

Anyways, I have been busy, working on this 
what's been going on 
and please FORGIVE ME!!!

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