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BLOG WORK ahead....sorry for ALL the emails today!

by: Kel Amstutz
Blogging, Blog work, I'm SORRY, inbox mail

First and foremost, 

for all the EMAILS that I have caused you today! 
I am cleaning up the BLOG and realized that somehow...[operator error] I have unpublished like, more than half of my blog posts. 

So, after making this SHOCKING discovery, I got to work [busy me] getting everything re-proofed(like, seriously) and re-PUBLISHED, which then caused my ownINBOX to go CRAZY with Life at Gray Gables notifications. 


My Bad...
So, I wanted to make sure that I let you all know that I AM SORRY!

This is temporary and will not happen again [ lord help me ]  and once I have it ALL loaded, that is it,  it's a DONE deal! 

Hopefully, this will allow the links that are out there, still wandering helplessly around the internet world, to WORK! 

[can you even imagine how many people have clicked to find out the link is GONE....thinking FOREVER..but really, this girl here just accidentally tripped on the…