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When is The Last time You Level-Up'd?

Business Support, Lifestyle
by: Kel Amstutz

So, once upon a time... I started this blog, you know the one...Life at Gray Gables back in 2011. 
Sure, I was full of content but I wasn't really clear on 
what I wanted to dowho my audience waswhat my brand could beor even what mission I was on
It was, in my own words, my Hobby blog. 

It was not a business.

It was something that I dedicated my heart and soul to, put my passion into, but I was putting my words on the computer screen, not really thinking about building anything...BIGGER than that.

I was not navigating my ship.

I was not being the captain. 

I was just a passenger, looking into the ocean for a landing see where I would end up...what kind of opportunities might...or might not happen.

I wasextremely passive and taking an extremely passive approach.  In the end, I just floated around. I had high hopes of what I wanted my blog(s) to be...but trying to build them in order to build an income seems like it was a mirage.   

So, I s…