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5 Ways to Put Your Chickens to Work For You

Is there anything better than fresh eggs? But what if, in addition to the eggs, your chickens could provide an extra hand (or foot, as it were) in your gardening efforts? Taking advantage of their natural desire to forage is a smart way for gardeners to get a little bit of free labor, and the chickens will love it!

Put them in the garden.Let your girls scratch and peck their way through your planting areas before you plant your crops. They’ll help eliminate pests in the soil and quickly knock down the weeds, making garden prep easier on your back. And if you’re planning to add any natural amendments to the soil—manure, compost, blood meal—sprinkle it on the ground before you move the girls in and they’ll distribute it for you. Let them work your compost.If you’ve had a compost pile for any amount of time, you know how it teems with bugs and grubs. 

This is a veritable chicken buffet!
Those creepy crawlers are a great natural source of protein for the girls. And in their efforts to find th…