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8 Trilogies that EVERY Nora Roberts FAN ... NEEDS TO READ!

Family. Fantasy. Friendship. Love. Those are just some of the themes that keep Nora Roberts’s fans coming back for more. But with over 200 bestselling novels to choose from, the question can often be, “Which book do I choose?!”
Anyone who knows me....knows that I am a hard core Nora Robert's reader. Everything Nora Roberts put to paper, I read.  Lately, I am obsessed with the trilogies she keeps coming out with. They are amazing and the great news is, they just keep coming, so you don't feel that overwhelming sense of alone that happens at the end of a book because you know you have two  more following(until you get to the last book in the series- eek!) 
So, I  compiled a list of Nora Roberts’s trilogies that should definitely have a spot on your “to read” list — or even your “to read again” list! I've included the publisher’s description for the first book in each trilogy below to help you choose — and less time trying to decide means more time for reading!
Click on the blue…