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Goal Setting With Soul (This really works!)

Goals, Lifestyle
by: Kel Amstutz

I'm a Mom. 

People who don't have children think they know what it is like to have them. But, frankly, they don't know. 

My life is about hard work. It is about sacrifice. My life is about living my life to make an impact.  My life is about standing for something.  My life is about taking care of my girls all day long. My life is about serving others and escaping here and there for "me time". 

Setting goals in your life should about be done with both your mind and your one

As I sit here, typing, with my kiddos running rampant upstairs, my dishes are in the sink still, my laundry is piled up high in the laundry baskets and hampers, but here I am, spending a good part of this raining day snuggling with my kids, watching Tangled for the one millionth time. I spent hours on the couch this morning, enjoying the last few days of summer we have left. 

I am beyond blessed.  

But, I stay up late at night typing, working, cre…