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A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my other half...

By:   Kel Amstutz

Today might be another day to anyone else, but to us, it is a special day!  
Another year has passed. Another birthday is before you.

I can not believe that I have been lucky enough to stand beside you for the past sixteen years. (yea...I said it!)  
With each year, things have changed.  We have grown.  Life has moved faster than I think either of us could have ever imagined.  
I know that this one is creeping closer to that birthday that shall remain nameless, but I want you to know that I am so proud of you, the Husband that you are to me, the Dad that you are to our babies. 
You provide for us, you care for us, you keep us safe and make sure we have everything that we need to make this life, our life, amazing. 
I feel incredibly blessed to have found you, lucky to get to call you my Hubby, and to have you by my side on this crazy adventure.  
You are a hard worker, you set goals and make them happen time and time again, and you make me laugh daily.  
I love you and wish you …