20 BOOKS you NEED to read NOW!

20 Books You NEED to Read This SpringBy: Kelley Amstutz 05/12/2016

It's not a secret. I just found a gift card for Barnes and idea WHEN I received this GC, but I went to load it to my account and lone behold...I still had some $$ just waiting there for me...seriously (I said to myself) WHAT!!! So, this called for SHOPPING (duh!) and that lead to books...books...and more books.  I love real deal, hard bound books, but with this FREE MONEY...I got a variety (say what?) and now I have books stacked on my nook there weren't before my free money shopping spree, right!  And there are now books stacked (like STACKED) on my nightstand, which has lead to HUBBY asking me when I am finding the TIME to read all these GEMS.  This leads to the depression part of LIFE....NOT ENOUGH TIME TO READ... (WAH)

Oh well... I can't stop the #obsession.  The struggle... oh yea...ITS REAL!!!

So, of course, I had to put together my LIST of MUST RE…

One FISH...Two FISH... Three FISH... FOUR....

Friday, April 22, 2016 by: Kelley Amstutz

Yesterday was a busy, crazy, fanatically magicalday for one birthday girlas she made her way to FIVE! 

She went to Pre-K, where she helped her teachers make a birthday crown!  

I picked her up and whiskered her back home for lunch- nutella in the shape of a HEART...of course! 

While she was at school, this Mom snuck in to grab a HUGE Minnie Mouse balloon to SURPRISE her when we made our way back home after school...and it WORKED! 

She was so gosh, darn excited for the balloon...that honestly, we have had before for one of the other four birthdays she has had that has been MINNIE...just saying!

OK- so we ate lunch...then Daddy got up and we headed to the PET STORE.  All she knew was that we had an important errand to run and she would leave HAPPY. worked!

But, said Pet Store did NOT have what we needed- unfortunately

So off to Wally-world we go...because they have EVERYTHING..don't ya know

Tank- Check.Fish- Check.Fish- Check.Fish- Check.F…

[Personal Post] : Reflections in the PAST.... five years ago today...

(Be back to DAILY DEALS on eBooks on Monday!)

April 21, 2016 by: Kelley Amstutz

A Day of Reflection...Five years prior It was early in the morning. Kamee had woke up, her mee-moow (pacifier) had fallen behind and under her crib...of course! 

Here I am, 38 weeks preggers, bending down, still in pain from a version procedure preformed a few days prior to turn my unborn baby girl around because she decided to be breech...and the procedure was un-necessary because my girl is STUBBORN! So, here I am at a lovely 3:30 a.m. in the dark, searching for this darn mee-moow for this 2 year old baby girl who was NOT HAPPY without it! I finally got it, grabbed onto the crib rail to get UP and WHOOSH!  It was time...

I went into the bathroom and started getting myself ready, made my phone calls to have Dad come grab the kiddo and a little before 5 a.m. we were well on our way to the hospital to meet our newest addition...and I am NOT going to lie...I knew what was coming!

So, we get to the hospital and to b…

Un-American? US Companies Hiring Offshore Workers?

Chocolate covered...yum....

Another day, another dollar.  
Isn't that what they say?  

When you work from home, I think that still sticks.  I mean, while I am juggling my work duties and making sure I am fitting in my full eight plus hours, I also have dishes, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, and dinner on my mind.

Work is good though.  
I mean, I am grateful to have the opportunity to work for a legit company based in Minnesota, with a work load that keeps me busy, but sometimes a girl just needs a break!

This was true on Friday.  After pushing my ten hour day(pouting the whole way through) and having it then turn into a twelve hour day- and that is straight hours, I was ready to slam the laptop shut and walk away, far away!

I signed off and stopped reading all emails coming in from my phone and literally disconnected. 

Much needed, considering that the Monday before, I had pondered taking Friday off all together.  I would not have been able to, as I was holding down the "fort", but it just proves that I…