How to Book Your Calendar Full... of Clients

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by: Kel Amstutz

Well, my current clients all know that I am booked up...pretty the best kind of way, ever!  

Multiple income streamsthe way to provide revenue for my business, by growing online presences, re-branding, improving business strategy, and, of course, creating marketing plans and more that, frankly, kick butt! 

I am a BIG advocate of digital products, as well as a passive income. But...I also think it is super important to recognize that working with clients one-on-one is a great focus area where you can bring a healthy chunk of sales to the table.

But, understanding the steps necessary to convert those perspective clients to becoming existing clients is a must. Cl

So...You're Struggling in Business...Have You Tried THIS YET?

Business Support, Struggle
by: Kel Amstutz

One powerful technique that allows us to believe that WHO we aspire to BE is already our reality is Visualization

This is why our thoughts and belief system about ourselves has such a tremendous impact on WHO WE ARE

If you don't give yourself credit for your talents and expertise, can't expect others to put a value on it either! 

In contrast, if you are assertive, you value your knowledge, and carry yourself as The Top Expertin the field, guess what happens? 

The world picks up on that energy and all of a suddenHigh Quality clients are knocking on YOUR door!