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Back to the Basics... Homesteading 101

So, I recently read this article posted on and kind of found some inspiration in what Tracy and her family live by, standards wise.

We are stuck in a society where it is all about material possessions, who has what...keeping up with the Jones...and less about truly living a great, meaningful life.

Now, I am not ready to stop shopping...but I get it, I read it and I wanted to share because some things hit close to home about the ideals that I want to set up for my own family.

Here is what Tracy had to say (I have to share!) :

Back To Basics.Let me tell you a story… Once upon a time there was a couple who was overwhelmed by consumerism and drowning in debt, doomed to a live a life of unsatisfying purchases and surrounded by like-minded people. As Americans, they gladly followed the crowd to fit in, but behind closed doors they dreamed of a life where how much they made and what brand…

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Nigerian Goats for Your Homestead

So, the "A" Family here, we are pretty new to the whole idea of Homesteading.  
We started with our first "official" garden this year.  Added in some chickens for fresh eggs. Threw in a bunny for giggles

Now the talk of the town is adding to our "farm".  There have been whispers of sheep (OK, this is totally from ME) and a pony (totally the 4 year old) and GOATS (from the Hub).  
I have been on the fence about goats. I mean, we visit petting zoo's with goats and it seems that all they want to do is munch on your clothes... 

What happens next...I open the great wide world of the web and check out GOATS.  (Warning: this could result in our Fam having a GOAT soon...)
We live on five acres of land.  Our house takes us probably an acre. Our carriage house, pole barn and pond take up probably an additional acre and a half (or so). The back half of the land is a jungle. (I seriously want wood cutouts of elephants, giraffes and a lion!)
Our climate is mostly cold…

133 Skills for the MODERN HOMESTEADERS to Master

As many of you know, we have taken on chickens. They are pretty easy, considering Hubby went hog wild in building their custom chicken coop.  Then, we added a bunny to our little "farm".