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How to Raise Chickens Cheaply

Our farm is getting ready to blossom, as we work on our research for chickens.  

My first question is, how much is this going to cost...right!   
Well, after looking at websites, books and talking to folks about their experiences, I think we might be able to pull off raising our chickens, wait for it...wait for it...cheaply!

How to raise chickens cheaply?

We have been talking about chickens for a while now, before we even moved out here to be honest.  This last year was just a little busy, what, with moving and getting situated, our oldest starting school and just plain l i f e.  

We were able to start somewhat of a garden this summer, I even got to enjoy some of the home grown veggies, so win, right!  

Next on our list though, was eggs, fresh eggsfrom our own chickens.

So, we set out to learn before putting up the cash.  

Here goes nothing..

To build or buy?
You have all seen the super fancy chicken coops out there, the ones with multi-level luxury.  I mean, we are going to love our chickens …

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Nigerian Goats for Your Homestead

So, the "A" Family here, we are pretty new to the whole idea of Homesteading.  
We started with our first "official" garden this year.  Added in some chickens for fresh eggs. Threw in a bunny for giggles

Now the talk of the town is adding to our "farm".  There have been whispers of sheep (OK, this is totally from ME) and a pony (totally the 4 year old) and GOATS (from the Hub).  
I have been on the fence about goats. I mean, we visit petting zoo's with goats and it seems that all they want to do is munch on your clothes... 

What happens next...I open the great wide world of the web and check out GOATS.  (Warning: this could result in our Fam having a GOAT soon...)
We live on five acres of land.  Our house takes us probably an acre. Our carriage house, pole barn and pond take up probably an additional acre and a half (or so). The back half of the land is a jungle. (I seriously want wood cutouts of elephants, giraffes and a lion!)
Our climate is mostly cold…