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5 Ways to Build a Positive Home

How to Build a Home That Boosts Self-Esteem
Confidence in a child is something that is so important.  It starts at home...along with so many other qualities, i.e. charity, compassion, and chivalry. Confidence is so important because, let's face it, kids self esteem these days is at an ultimate low. Between bullies and the way the media criticizes our perception of pretty much ALL things, it is not easy. 

I know that we can't control what happens within the schools but we do have control over one very important aspect within our children's lives: their H O M E.  By making a few changes, you can create a SAFE SPACE that boosts your children's self esteem and teaches them to help others who might have the signs of low self esteem, as well. 

Five (5) Ways to Build a Positive Home Environment: 

1. Provide Plenty of Praise While it is important to Praise your child, too much can also hurt them.  Constant criticism will cause your child to doubt his abilities, but constant complim…