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Monday, October 3, 2016

Simplify Your Products & Programs to Double Your Income

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by: Kel Amstutz

What is HOT these days?  
I'll tell you...Simplicity!  

Yes, I it a trend, maybe a fad...but Simplicity really works when it comes to products and programs. 

Guess what the best way to lose your audience is? Well, overwhelm your customers with too many options.  If you have too many options to choose from, potential customers and clients might not understand the difference between one product or program from another.  

Let's take a minute to talk about some failures that can happen within the first year of business. Imagine that you are riding the passive income train with your first two products that are different but the same. (i.e. Virtual Assistant program and Social Media Manager program) 

You are getting hundreds and thousands of hits online, literally. Your sales should reflect this, right?  Well, you are selling some product but it's the logic that you could be doing better. 

You start to ask yourself, "Where did I fail?" 

Well, both of your products are pretty similar, we notice that...but the fact is that they are TOO similar! 

Your audience is mainly women, women who want to work from home. Well, your inability to differentiate one product from another caused your sales to miss the six figures that you thought you were headed toward in your first year of business.  Make sense?

So, from this example, we can learn the following mistakes:
  • When creating offers, products and/or programs, make sure people understand how one is different from the other! 
  • People want to know that the solution you offer is EXACTLY what they need. Potential customers need to feel that your product/program is the RIGHT choice for them, HANDS DOWN! 
  • Don't overwhelm your audience with options...people don't know which to choose and in some cases, they chose to buy NOTHING! 
  • Don't cater to one circumstance, struggle, pain point. Offer ONE OPTION. Show your customers/clients that "This is it. This is the ONE OPTION you NEED! It's the BEST option, it's the ONLY option and YOU have to GET IT! This will transform your life!" - obviously, we don't want to USE these exact words, but you get it! ;)

Having your Training Materials Overlap is a NO. Just NO.

So, when your material is overlapping from one product or program into another, well, this might be a sign that YOU need to make a shift! 

Honestly, people WILL BE confused trying to figure out what they should buy or how one of your programs is different from another.  It's mass confusion and it will cost you a sale. 

So,  it is time to simplify your product lines and guess what, Multi-Millionaires are following this trend even in their online businesses.  They are cutting out some of their products or programs, especially those that are overlapping with others. The WHY here is because it is time to KILL the doubt factor in your buyers! 

Give your buyers a CLEAR PATH to ACTION.

Fact: Digital Products and Selling Information is IMPORTANT

Make it crystal clear how your offerings, products, and programs ALL DIFFER from one another. Create marketing funnels based on the circumstances that potential clients are in.
  • If your client is in circumstance A then you want them to purchase product A.
  • If your client is in circumstance B then you want them to purchase product B.

Get it?

Here are SOME Examples:
  1. So, a client needs more website traffic and leads.  They should buy a Website Traffic Solutions product?  Right?  YES
  2. A client needs accountability and "how to" guidance in order to create digital products. They should find a monthly coaching program? Right? YES!
  3. A client wants to create a freedom based business. Well, they could buy an eBook, and eCourse, or join a monthly coaching program?  Whoa...HIT THE BRAKES... that is OVERWHELMING! And there goes that the road runner...running FAR...FAR... away!

There should be a clear and concise product to fulfill the needs of the situation for your potential client. It should be a direct answer to the need

So, it's pretty easy. Where there is a problem, there needs to be one (1) correlating offering, product or program. Not all three (3)!!! You DO NOT want to overwhelm your potential buyers. Make this DUMMY-PROOF!

But, HERE is a BIG Secret...


You just NEED to sell MORE of the ONES that you HAVE!!!

Nope! I can't wait to be done with school in two weeks and then off to my dream job! Haters approval not needed! I have found something I love to do! It makes me happy to see I'm such an inspiration to all my haters :):
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