Oh no you DIDN'T...did you.... Gray Gables Farm

I know that I am not alone. Every New Year's Eve I sit down and think about what I want to accomplish for the New Year.  Most of the time it is silly little goals, like eat better, help a charity or exercise.  Last year, however, it revolved around a book that I had wrote a few years ago and the goal was to get it/or one of them, published.  Yes, there are a few that I would be honored to see in print.

I spend the year trying to tweak my book, get a final copy and then I set off to find a Literary Agent.  Well, that was one huge hurdle and I was met by rejection, rejection and more rejection.  So, I did what any person who loves to write does...I wrote another book, and another and another. (duh!)

Well, I really did not go anywhere with any of them.  I just kind of started them, got to the plot and my ADD got in the way of my train of thought, so I would start another.  After that, life just got in the way.

Fast Forward...  In mid-September I headed up to the attic of this big old house and was met with the mess of moving in a hurry and throwing everything in the attic, if it was not necessity.  It was time to tackle the disaster.  I pitched so much stuff and what I did not throw out, I drug it downstairs and put it in the "Garage Sale" pile or the "pass it on" pile.  The end result is a half cleaned out attic with shelves put up and somewhat organized holiday fun.

It was sometime after I had finally finished with one side of the gables that I decided to put my fingers to the keys and what happened was amazing for me.

October had begun and I had opened the file that I named "Gray Gables Farm" and I was rereading the twelve whole pages that I had typed.  I pulled out the binder that I had pulled from the attic with ALL my research about this house.  At the time that I pulled it, I did question myself.  I really was not sure why I pulled it in the first place but soon enough the answer was before me.

Two ten hour days later I had my story.  I spent a few more days tweaking here and there, but it was as it should be and I knew that much.  It is not a long story.  It is somewhat true to the dates, people and places that are the characters.  I can only say that while writing it, I truly did not feel myself.  It was as if I were writing through someone else and it was smooth, seamless and intoxicating.

It is the story of Gray Gables and of days before that are so long ago.   So, what is it about.... I know some are dying to know!  I self published.  I was so skeptical about self publishing but honestly, it was as if it were meant to be put in print.  I followed the signs, as I feel I have been throughout my entire Gray Gables journey.  Fate stepped in on my life and I am listening, the best that I can and following the path that is guiding me along.

So, please read, please support and please enjoy!  I would greatly appreciate it and be forever grateful!

Gray Gables Farms

A Synopsis

Sometimes you can’t see how your life should be until you find something that speaks to your heart.
Mattie lives a good life, and feels content until the summer home is built.  The first summer proves that her heart sings in the country and grieves when she is away.  How can she show her Husband her true happiness lies at Gray Gables?

I have put to paper my Realistic Fiction novel in 23,342 words.  The names and dates within my work at factual, but the story that is told is compiled from different stories that have been told around town.  Gray Gables is my historic home and holds a lot of history, which I have researched to find Aaron and Mattie’s story.

Life was unknowingly missing something until Gray Gables broke ground.  The house spoke to her in a way she could not explain to her Husband.  She had found her place and while she never wanted to leave, her husband was quick to remind her that the home was for summer holiday, not to keep as their main residence.  

About me:
I have the pleasure of residing in Gray Gables.  My personal story starts with an abandoned house that my Husband and I rolled the dice on.  It has been three years and although we are still rebuilding, the history that the walls have told have been anything but dull. 

I graduated from the University of Toledo in 2003 with an Interdisciplinary degree with a minor in English Literature and History.  I have loved to write since I was able to and have books and books of poetry that I have created over the vast years.

I started this idea on a whim. I was researching my one hundred and twenty two year old house, trying to unlock some of the mystery and unravel the countless stories that have been told to us throughout our possession.  I had gathered tons of information about Aaron Chesbrough and Gray Gables but could not figure out why the house was not showing on any of the census reports until our local Historic Society pointed out that when a home is a “Summer Home” it did not show up on the report.  Then, as if a light bulb went off, it all made sense. 

While the characters are real and the dates are factual, the story is elaborated.  I have a lot of coincidences that I feel coincide with this home and I feel that for me, this is where I was supposed to land, much like I feel Mattie felt throughout the novel. 

I feel relief as I put my pen to paper and started writing.  I was able to get a story that I have dreamed about for the past three years.  



To all who read my blog- THANK YOU!  To those who buy my book- A HUGE THANK YOU!  I hope you enjoy it, I hope you make suggestions as to how I can make it better, possibly expand also!  I love to write and can accept positive and negative criticism, that is what will make me a better writer!  Thank you so much for your support! I finally did it!


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