They let it free, to wreck it's own havoc on all...

And everything went still....all around...

I recently started writing again.  I put together a story that I had been working on last year and brought it to life in two days.  I did not even know I had it in me, but it was like the words were flowing from something other than my body. I was typing in auto-pilot. 

I seem to have uncapped something within myself that is causing somewhat of an overload in my system because words, stories, ideas are shooting like a colorful rainbow out of my soul. 

With the recent hit of Ebola, it has almost lifted from the typed pages of my story to real life. I should preface with the fact that I am an avid Walking Dead fan.  I think that the show is nothing short of amazing, as each week I sit there and think about what it would be like?  I mean, have you ever stopped and asked yourself this very question?  What would happen if something took over the population and killed off everyone, not necessarily bringing walkers back from death, but what if you were one of the last ones here? 

What would you do?  How prepared are you?  What would be your goal?  If you had some lasting family members, what would you do to protect them? 

I think that this has become real with all these things that are hitting our people now, as far as Ebola, the virus that is hitting children causing paralysis and the respiratory infections that was also hitting children causing them to turn blue and blocking their airways.  As a parent, it is terrifying.  I question everyday whether or not I want my kid in school, being so susceptible to such diseases.  It has been a time when I do not go near the television, afraid that the news will shovel out another heaping, steaming pile of population reducing news. 

Have you gone to social media since this Cleveland to Chicago Ebola outbreak?  It has been blowing up with this and that, causing a panic to all who reside within that radius.  It makes you question why is the Government being so irresponsible?  I mean, if there was contact with the first Ebola patient why in the world was there not better precautions taken, as far as a quarantine?  I feel that this should not have been taken so lightly.  Should all personnel who were in contact in Texas not been separated from society until the duration of when symptoms can come forth?  I am spouting off, but I feel very strongly that Ebola was leaked to the United States for a reason, then care has not been given as far as handling it as the deadly disease that it is. Irresponsibility! 

So, here we stand, America the Great (and yes, I say this very loosely) fighting Ebola, fighting other rare and new diseases, fighting a war and recently fighting an impeding crash of our stock markets.  Does anyone else feel worried? 

I have said for years now that I wonder daily why?  Why did I bring two beautiful girls into this world?  I mean, this world is going to hell in a handbag with each year passing and by the time they are my age, if the world is still around, what the hell will come of them?  It is damn scary, as a Mother. 

What would happen if I woke up tomorrow and everyone was dead from Ebola?  What if all that was left were the four people in my family, us four, living in our home but all the rest of the world had expired to the disease.  Would it be a waiting game for us to pass?  What made us different? What helped us to survive? 

So we woke from our beds to a quiet world.  Outside of the house the wolves were all around, running in packs, free, feeding on the dead. We were locked in our house.  But, for how long?  Our air was still our own.  Would the air bring the death?  Preparing for a apocalypse, we had lined our cellar shelves with food.  Our electricity was still blazing.  Without anyone to control, how long would that last?  The propane tank was full, with the last fill up, but that would be all that we would have.  It kind of feel like immortality is not an option. Our life would not longer hold any type of certainty.  It would be only us for however long we would last. 

How would you feel if you were in this same scenario?  I have been thinking of this before Ebola presented itself.  I am drawn to thinking about the end of civilization.  I am not even sure that a mutation needs to happen.  I mean what if you are just, simply, alone.

I guess the question that I would ask, the longer my life lasted in my empty world, would be who was responsible for unleashing such a maddened killer?  I mean, after all, it is a killer no matter which way you want to look at the picture.

What are you feelings about Ebola?  How will it affect your life?  Things that you do within your life?  

I am not as strongly concerned with Ebola, for the simple fact that at this point it is only transmitted through bodily fluids.  I am worried that it could progress further, but it can not affect our air, our water and so forth. I do, however, think I will be investing in some toilet seat covers, as I have a three year old who has to sample all the public bathrooms whenever we go anywhere. 

As long as I am here tomorrow, I shall return....


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