Confessions: from a Six Year Olds' Soccer MOM

Like so many Moms out there, I have joined the "CLUB" of Soccer Moms and boy, have I been enlightened

Let's start off by a little background, shall we?   So, a lovely BRIGHT ORANGE form comes home from school back in January with big letters stating that it is:

Time to sign your student up for Soccer. 

I mean, my kid was jumping up and down with excitement! It was time for Soccer to enter our world. Truth be told, Mom was pretty excited too!  We wrote out the check, filled out the form, crossed all our T's and mailed it out to the organization with hopes of starting soccer in late March, early April. 

Then, it was silence for a few months.  Still, my kid had some chatter about soccer here and there, but it was a mute subject for the most part. 

But that all changed in Mid-March when the phone calls started that they were looking for a coach for our daughters team.  Ut oh...  Of course, my Hubby would have done coaching in a heartbeat, if he did not work nights!  And, Mom is a cheer-section only and given the fact that I know nothing...let me reiterate...NOTHING...about Soccer, it was a fat chance for me!

Word started traveling home from school about other kids, mostly the boys, starting soccer and then came the question for this Mom, "Will we have a team?"

Hail to one Dad who stepped up to the plate.   He was honest...he knew nothing about Soccer, other than the fact that his daughter was on the team. 

Here we go...

Practice was the very next day after I received this phone call. Off to the happy face store we went to pick out shorts, shin guards and shoes. 

That next was windy...cold...but we, (as in myself and my four year old) packed up the kid, in her newly acquired ensemble and we have been going strong ever since. 

Game one followed the day after practice and it was painful to watch, as our six year olds, who knew nothing and were one practice in, got stomped

Game two followed bright and early Saturday morning and was another painful rendition of what is supposed to be soccer, fully equipped with tears...on the field...and yes, my kid contributed to those tears...and not much else! 

Practice didn't happen the week following, which was a disappointment.

Then came a COLD...COLD game. I mean, fleece blankets were not even helping the frostbite! 

Yes, we lost again!

Suddenly, something incredible happened following that game. It was still a bright and early Saturday...cold, just as cold as the last game played...and the wind was relentless.  

Our kids went out there, excited! 

The coaches were in the game...Pep talks were happening...names were being called for our surprise...lots of cheering was happening as our girls WON, 5-0.  

Wait...What?  What had just happened?  

My kid was super into the game, finding her spot in Defense.  I think the Coach is learning what works for the girls and the Asst. Coach was all in. It was great to see the sheer excitement on the girls faces....They were having FUN!

So, we froze our butts off...but it has been worth it.  

As a Mom, I can't write this stuff...these new life experiences...teamwork...that has come with our oldest daughter joining Soccer.  To say that I am proud, is an understatement.  I am seeing changes within my girl that are amazing. She is learning to have a back bone, which is a good thing to have in life.  She is having fun, loving soccer and working on helping to keep that ball AWAY from her goalie!

So, I have been officially  introduced to the Soccer Mom life.  I am hoping it lasts for a bit of time and so proud of my girl for getting out there and NOT GIVING UP...even when they were losing every day- I mean...we are talking ZERO...

Our lives are busier...we are a little more worn takes us a little bit to get moving in the mornings for school after soccer, but I think we are better for it! I am embracing this craziness and this time with my kids. We are rooting on our girl as a family- Nana and Papa are there at every game too! 

Go Jets!


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