When the day turns to night... (#7)

It is writing challenge DAY #7 and I am eager to hear how everyone is doing? 

How is the WORD OF THE DAY? 

Is it sparking enough creativity for you to write your heart out?

Well, as the saying goes..."The show must go on..."

Writing Challenge- Day #7- 


It was a shock to my system. I know that I laid in the dark, the quiet surrounding me for a long while. I finally allowed myself to fall asleep, only to toss and turn as the thoughts rumbled inside my head. My dreams were an illusion of what once was, tainted with my new knowledge. 

"Kasey." a voice in the distance said.

It was Johnie. He was waking me up, startling me out of the horror.  "Was I thrashing?" I asked confused.

"No. It's sunrise. We need to start preparing."

His words were so short. His mouth lacking love. I knew he loved me, of course, but this had changed him.  This had hardened him.  I don't think he even noticed the girls, not for the five, wait, now six days were had been living in this terrible nightmare.  Was I to turn hard as well?  

I got up. My girls were up already, watching my Mom make eggs on the single burner. This was an adventure all right and it was only beginning. 

I heard a boom coming from outside. The sound crashing into the windows of our house. It caused the house to shake. Everyone looked up. Horrified by what that could be. 

My initial thought was survivors. There were more of us...left...in what was our new world.  Johnie saw my pep.  He grabbed my hand and lead me into the other room, the room that was somehow becoming a meeting room with that single window and the only light. 

"This is not hope." was all that left his lips.

"What is it then? Survivors, like us." I said a tad bit more matter-of-factually than I had intended. 

"No. This is the government. This is total annihilation, don't you see that?  Of course there are survivors, those who were meant to. I know that we do not fit into that category. You know it too. This is our time to go, before the house settling happens again, or worse, the foundation folds and we became rubble, or are exposed to the gases that are just outside these walls. It's time, Kasey, we need to hurry and get to the Safe Haven."  

He hugged me hard, kissing me before turning and gathering our things, or what was now our things.

It was time.

We all had a part, girls included. Everyone had their hands full as we pulled open the entrance to the safe haven. One trip was all we had, so we were loaded down pretty well. It was dark, damp and a long way down before we made it. We used one flashlight in the front and one in the back, to conserve our resources and followed one another in a line, as that is all the space we had. There was no turning back. 

Johnie pulled the rear of the group, as I was the guide. I approached the steel door, the door to our destiny, the door that we would be trapped within for who knew how long.  I pulled the key from my necklace chain around my neck, where it had been for the past two years. 

Preparation is key, even if you thought you would never have to use it. 

I put the key into the steel lock, twisted, pulled, tugged, struggling with the weight of the door. We were not taking any chances.
Something was happening above ground as a vibration was moving the dirt and clay that made the walls of our underground cave. 

I led us inside, everyone piling in until we were all safe. It was time to get acquainted with our new homestead.


Could you imagine having to go deep into the Earth to escape death? I think that is a hard pill to swallow. 

I can not imagine what Kasey is going through, especially as she knows the outcome could be less than desirable

I also want to note that Johnie made a great point:

only those who were meant to survive, will. 

That is apparent. I have some ideas on what is going on above ground, they are being worked on as we speak in my head.  

This is my favorite part, putting those pieces into action!

I am curious to know how Mom and Dad are taking the big change. I am thinking of working their minds into the story as well. After all, they are all going through this change, and it is a big one. They are essentially locking themselves in an underground cave of sorts, one that has been equipped to handle the worst of conditions above the surface, but one that takes away that window that was providing them with sunlight, with the sense of day and night.  


I hope you all are having a blast writing with our word of the day.

Remember, feedback is always welcome!

Happy Hump-Day!

Until Tomorrow!


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