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8 tips for Creating a Writing Routine

“Oh, you write books?” said with sheer skepticism.  Yes. I might not be for "realz" published (self published though), but I do LOVE to write. I mean, I am writing right now...aren't I?  (I am not a robot) 
But, with this [over] loaded question usually comes the time question,  Where do I steal time?  I mean, truth be told, my life is pretty busy.  WorkkidshubbylifehouseworkfoodplanningDid I mention WORK
Really, does the list ever stop?  So, well, basically my life is like everyone else's except I likeLOVE to writeon top of all that. My love is so real that I get writers guilt (yea, it's a thing) if I go all day and don't say a word. I feel like I have lost my voice...or something?
But, just like that, with all those things that crowd my day, I can lose my time to write.(I joke that I should carry along a recorder because ideas POP into my head all day long)  That is when I started thinking about the BIGGER picture. 

I  need to organize my time.