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What You Need to Know About Lead Generation

Book More Clients, Business Support, Lead Generation, Sales
by: Kel Amstutz

When you run a service based business, there is not surprise that you need to have leads and clients, right.  

It is very important that you have a lead generation system(s) in place. We always need prospects and people to talk to...we need people to sell our services to, right? 

OK. Now, take a breath, because it can sound overwhelming, but I am here to let you know that it is actually really fun, I promise!

So, let's pretend (Yes...I am a Mom here!) that we have a super fun store front(like Chip & Joanna Gaines, OK) and there are tons of people pouring through the old barn doors with even more outside waiting to get into this mystical, magical place. People are filling baskets, carts, arms full of all the wonderful decor items you have to offer and the cash registers are going a mile a minute with transaction after transaction and people are happy and talking and excited and amazed all at the same time. 


44 Way to Get Massive Loads of Website Traffic and Readers

Lead Generation, Website Traffic
By: Kel Amstutz

I have truly been blessed with LOTS of website traffic. About four (4) months into my blogging adventure, I started to reach higher and higher volumes of readers, who have stayed with me throughout all my blog changes!

Not to sound overly-confident, but I know how to lovingly build an amazing community of blog readers. 

You see, when I started blogging, I did so with PASSION and HEART!

I honestly think that this is a key ingredient when you build a blog. 

Write about things that you TRULY care about.

If you start a blog just for money, YOU WILL LIKELY FAIL. (that is a FACT)

People can smell a faker from a mile away.

For me, I revealed myself and what I believed in; which is this: 

Every woman on this earth deserves a flexible, stay at home job, where she can focus on her family and provide for her family financially.

I am so very thankful for my blessings and I can not wait to share my tips with you so that you can put your own passion and heart i…