Friday, August 12, 2016

What is Content Marketing and Why Does it Pay?

Branding, Content Marketing

by: Kel Amstutz

Content Marketing is one of those really popular words right now. 

Businesses and brands want to use the Internet, blogs, social networks or any kind
of media to bring in new customers, clients, prospects, etc. 

So, let's check out this term and look at a high level overview for examples!

Content Marketing Brings in Website Traffic

Content marketing and strategy is very important because in order for you to drive traffic to your website,
reveal your message and your offering, you have to be able to generate
and entertain an audience of people who are coming to YOU for
information.  The best way to do this, right now, is through Natural

Content really connects people on a whole other level unlike ads, banners and
PPC.  Why?  Well, because, typically people are more interested in
consuming content rather than consuming ads.   

What is Re-purposing Content? 

I need to say that I, personally, am a HUGE fan of re-purposing content.  What this means is taking a speech that you have done, then transcribing it into a blog post and creating a white paper out of it by
adding some case studies into the picture. What we do is take some
content and re-purpose it into multiple versions by adding or
subtracting different elements.

Remember this, in order for content to be shared it has to be emotional or have some sort of feeling or emotional factor. 

This helps the content be 'shareable', go viral, and is just more effective.
Also, I recommend trying to use storytelling within your content. 

People love to hear and read stories more than just facts and figures. 

Content Marketing is Really a Continuous Cycle

It is honestly about getting found online, getting shared and getting conversions. 

At the end of the day, we need to create content that people want to consume. Think of yourself, your blog, your website or the website of your clients to be content hubs for gaining traffic. Not promotional messages but rather subtle branding and a lot of focus on converting traffic into subscribers and fans. 

There is your simple formula. 

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