Friday, August 5, 2016

3 Reasons Why You Really Need to Productize Your Knowledge

Digital Products, Packaging Information

by: Kel Amstutz

I remember when I was first starting out online.  I was reading up on the different kinds of income models out there, in terms of blogging

I came a crossed some experts who were out there creating products that were named after them, like Eben Pagan and others who offered a unique solution(s) that were bundled up into versions of their own expertise. 

So, I continued to watch, to study, and I began to learn exactly how to create digital products and how to bundle up my own experiences, knowledge, and expertise.  This is what I like to call productizing your knowledge. What that means, in la-mans terms, is "packaging yourself" and it is something that almost anyone can and should do!

I say that almost anyone can and should, but I also think that you have to be authentic, you have to show your value, and you really have to change someone's life or help someone who is in a certain situation. That being said, do not be vague. I think I heard it best said that being vague is the kiss of death, especially in regards to informational products!

I find that it is best to imagine yourself stranded on a deserted island alone...well, of course, we want to find someone on this lonely island who knows the land and can find food, right? 

This scenario is what you need to be shooting for when you are in the creative process for your digital products or productizing of your knowledge. You should always image
that you are taking the lead and are leading the way for the long
journey ahead, with a group of non-natives, through the rough terrain or
bumpy rocks in the roads.  The thing is, in this exact scenario, the
people your lead are not worried in the least bit because they realize that you have been here before and you know the way to navigate them all back to safety! 

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