Top 7 Tips For Marketing with a Purpose as a Driven Business Owner

By: Kel Amstutz

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Related image1) It is important to be an Authentic Business Owner

The best way to scare off customers is to try to push a sale onto them, a fact that every business owner knows all to well.  It is vital, as a business owner, to genuinely share your passions with your potential clients and/or customers.  People want to be seen as individuals not just a statistic or dollar sign.  Instead of selling your products to people, try to personally share your story with each customer, revealing how you got to this place and you would be surprised how the sales begin to follow you. 

2) Do not Mislead or Lie... PERIOD! 

We live among a world where social media and other networks can make it hard to be heard.  This causes pressure to get the attention that  you may feel that you deserve, which could lead you down a deceitful road.  Make sure that you are not misleading or creating offers that you can not follow through with.  This is important because consistency is key to most things in life, especially when you stop and look at all the distrust and misplace promises that surround us in our day to day lives.  Your clients deserve reliability, so deliver the truth, always. 

3) Find your Target Market and Spend Time with them! 

The first thing you should do is find your target market.  Once you establish this, develop a plan on how you are going to reach them.  To do this, effectively, you need to understand what they are investing their hard earned money, time and energy within.  Spend the time, do the homework and show interest in the areas that are showing interest to them to really identify with your work and your people. 

4) Find out who you can HELP most

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Be clear who you can help.  Do not go about vaguely addressing your market, instead use your unique gifts and talents to an audience that is seeking the services that you have an expertise within.  As the expert in your field, you can take your customers from Point A to Point B and beyond. 

5) Use your Creativity to Blend into Every Marketing Effort you Present

Image result for creativityEvery effort that you make to share your products with an audience, use your creativity.  Every business owner should know the importance of standing out among the competition.  As you design your marketing plans, when you use your personal creativity, it will ultimately benefit your business as you begin reaching out to others. 

6) Join Others for Memorable Marketing

There is an old saying, Great Minds think alike, and this is especially true when dealing with the business world.  One of the most important strategies to develop is a collaboration that includes other purpose driven business owners.  This will not only keep you on top of your marketing game, but it will challenge you and continue to challenge you to think and work in ways that may be outside of your own comfort zone. 

7) Create a Content Plan

It sounds crazy, but, no customer wants to hear about a program or a sale that fails to deliver.  If you develop solid content, it is just as vital as marketing  when it comes to reaching others with your business. Plan for success in this area; a business owner that creates a specific content plan is a successful business owner!  Hands Down!

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