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Monday, July 10, 2017

How to turn your Purpose into Business (day 5)

By: Kel Amstutz
Keywords: Purpose, Business, Journey of Self Discovery

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Hi Ya'll.  

For some of us, being able to make a living from what we feel called to do is the ultimate dream. Ya'll know that this is true for me, as you have watched and read my articles about living a free life! 

The thing is...this can be hard to know where to even begin...and it often stays just a dream. 

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Image result for make a planI have a little exercise below that will give you a simple and clear PLAN of how you can turn your purpose into a business.  

When you create your PLAN you can either implement it (if it's a low risk and easily validated business), or use this PLAN to carry out further research (if it's a business with a higher risk).  And this plan here is super simple- just four steps. 

So, let's get going! 

1. Write down your purpose

Related imageGrab a sheet of paper or open up a new document, and at the top, write your purpose. We’re assuming you already know what your purpose is, and if you do - perfect. Write it down. If not, you’ll need to spend some time figuring out exactly what it is.

This is a whole other topic, but some quick points to remember: your purpose isn’t a job or an occupation, and it isn’t your passion/s. Your can bring your purpose to life through your job or passion, but they’re not the purpose itself. Your purpose is like your ultimate life goal. It’s what will gently steer the direction of your life, along any path you choose. There is no one way to bring a purpose to life, but a business is a great way to live your purpose on your terms.  

2. List your skills, commitments and interests 

Under your purpose, add three sections: skills, prior commitments and interests 
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  • Under skills, you’re going to write down every skill you have; the official ones, the life ones, and the secret skills that no one even knows you have. This includes any qualifications, musical or fitness skills, work skills, people skills. Absolutely everything you can think of.  
  • Under prior commitments, list all the bigger commitments and responsibilities you have in your life. This includes your partner, your family, your job, your mortgage, your bills, any roles you hold in your community. This is really important. We all have things in our life that we need to take into account when making big life decisions. And you want to be sure you’re bringing your purpose to life in a way that actually fits where your life is now, so that it doesn’t stay an unattainable dream. Once you have your list, and mark a little cross by any you won’t take into consideration, and a tick by those you will.
  • Finally, list all of your interests. Anything from hobbies to lifelong passions and just things you love. You might have an overlap on your skills list, like graphic design or photography. This is fine.

3. Get Creative

Image result for get creativeBrainstorm everything you can do that takes into account the skills you have (keep in mind you can up-skill or outsource), the prior commitments you want to keep, or the responsibilities you need to take into account, and your interests. Remember there is no one way to bring your purpose to life, so jot down every idea you can think of.

4. Plan and Prioritize

Image result for plan and prioritizeFrom these ideas, create your plan. You’ll decide what you’ll offer, and in what order. You’ll decide how you’ll reach people - online (1:1, private groups or communities or on a completely open platform), in person through a physical space; like a store or a class - or a combination of these.

And that’s it! Simple, right? To make it clearer, let’s look at some examples.

The Breakdown:

Image result for teach

Let’s say your purpose is to teach children about the importance of nutrition and health. Your skills are strongest in teaching, speaking and cooking. Your prior commitments are that you have a home with a mortgage, but you could rent out your house if you wanted to. And your interests are food, health, business, writing and nature.
Here are a few ways you could turn your purpose into a business:

  • Write children’s books
  • Write children’s cookbooks
  • Speak in schools
  • Implement a program around healthy eating in schools
  • Create a kids food and cooking channel on YouTube
  • Run local school holiday programs
  • Host kid friendly cooking/gardening/health lessons
  • Write books aimed at parents, teachers and caregivers
  • Write a blog or create a website to sell your own and affiliate products
Expand on this as much as you can. What else can you offer that people would be happy to pay you for? EBooks? Videos? Classes? Classroom workbooks?

Now you can narrow your list, prioritize ideas and plan how you’re going to reach people. So you might start off with a blog and website, and local school holiday programs. Eventually, you’ll be doing speaking tours in schools and creating a classroom workbook. Then you’ll create your own eBook packages (for parents and kids) to sell on your website.

Let’s try another example.

Image result for yogaMaybe your purpose is to help new MOMS to reconnect, relax and rejuvenate through yoga. Your skills are graphic design, basic web design, and yoga, obviously! Your prior commitments are your partner and two kids, your family home and small portfolio of local websites you update and maintain. Your interests are yoga, spirituality, health, and personal development.

You could turn your purpose into a business by:
  • Hosting local yoga classes
  • Selling yoga videos online
  • Develop a program or class that you license to other yoga instructors
  • Creating an eBook
  • Creating a website and blog to host your products and others to sell
  • Developing a line of products such as clothing, yoga mats and equipment
  • Creating a membership site where people can follow along online - each class is live for 24 hours
  • Create a 1:1 service for new mums that’s part yoga, part health coaching, part meditation
  • Or, offer the same yoga/health coaching/meditation service in small, exclusive groups
So you might decide that you’d prefer to go primarily online, as that would fit around your day-to-day life. Again, you might start off with a website and blog, but your main priorities are to get videos up and an eBook together. 

You might also decide to up-skill by studying as a coach to increase what you can offer to new moms.

And as a final example, let’s say your purpose is a little more open ended.

Maybe your purpose is to bring a little fun, magic and whimsy to people’s lives. 

Image result for bake

How do you make a business out of that?  Again, focus on your skills and interests to come up with potential plans. Let’s say your skills and interests are around food and cooking, everyday magic and making people smile. Maybe you turn your purpose into a beautiful boutique baking business. 

You could build and expand this business by:
  • Baking to order from a commercial kitchen
  • Having a physical bakery
  • Hosting baking classes
  • Making online videos to promote your work
  • Creating a published cookbook
  • Creating a self-published eBook
The priority here is a kitchen - whether you use a private one or open up a physical store. A web presence is always a good idea, but rather than focusing on a blog, you might have a simple website and put your focus toward Instagram and Pinterest.

So after you go through this exercise, you’ll have a clear plan of what you want to do, and how you’re going to do it. It takes into account your prior commitments and responsibilities, and the skills you already have (or are excited to acquire!). And it’s in line with your interests - it’s easier to stay motivated when you’re actually interested in what it is you’re doing.

And this is perfect...From here you can move into the phase of research and putting your plan into action.  

Monday, August 15, 2016

How To: Get Happy Right Now!

Faith, Lessons on Working, Stay at Home Moms
by: Kel Amstutz

Are you happy? 

Are you struggling? 

Maybe a mix of both?

Learning HOW to be happy with yourself, in the moment is a great gift. Each moment, including the present is a gift. If you are not happy with yourself, your body, your family balance, your financial situation, you can become insecure. If you think that you are not good enough you will begin to fear rejection, feel lonely, and take on many other negative thoughts. 


Let's go with self esteem. You are not happy with your body. You think you are too fat, or perhaps too skinny.  You see a flabby tummy, or stretch marks.  If we use this example, this mindset, you are unhappy with your body, OK. What does that do to you?  Well, you might be jealous of others. You might find yourself worried that you are not attractive enough to keep your spouse, or maybe you will feel that your body will affect intimacy. 

If you are not happy with your body, you might not want to look at it. You might obsessively under eat or begin binge eating, which makes you feel even worse about yourself. You might overeat junk food to overshadow your unhappy thoughts, which make your health an issue. Or maybe you take on shopping, making yourself feel better but causing debt or buyers remorse. 

The possible scenario's are endless, but you get the general idea. 


There is not just ONE answer to this question. It is a build up that includes a lot of reasons! 

The media.  We watch beautiful celebrities with perfect faces, stomachs, hair, thighs, abs, chests, booties- all over the place. We see them on the Internet, TV, Movies, in magazines.  Everywhere.  We are comparing ourselves to an illusion. Why would we need to like these illusions? Why can't we be like ourselves?  Why can't WE be ideal? 

The comments section.  When friends, family members, co-workers, spouses make innocent comments perhaps about our booties, boobs, etc. that settle in and we find ourselves feeling bad. These comments are small but they can hit our self-esteem very hard. 

Childhood. In our childhoods, maybe our parents comment on certain things that stick with us, making us feel bad. Perhaps our parents got a divorce, maybe Dad was never around- maybe Dad left Mom, maybe she wasn't good enough for him. By extension this can transpire into you are not good enough for someone? 

Failures. Everyone makes mistakes. They say 'To error is to be human' but perhaps we have made some mistakes and failed at some things that we tried very hard to accomplish. Everyone does it, but when we do it, we take it to heart.

Spiral of negative thoughts. One bad thought can lead to another, and then another, until we have a bundle of BAD thoughts that become our self-image. This negative self-image can affect everything that we do.  This self-image and these bad thoughts are NOT us- they are things that HAPPEN to us or within us, but we don't let them become us. We can cope with these thoughts, we can turn them into a positive, into gratitude, and even into happiness.


Getting into a more happy and healthy place NOW is all about practice and commitment.  Of course, this will NOT be an instant effect, it will take a while because our self-images can not transform overnight, it took years, perhaps to find and fill with this unhappiness, after all. 
 But, here is a trick that I learned from someone near and deal:

1. Make a MENTAL MOVIE. 

Pretend you have a movie that you play in your mind. The movie is about who we are. You have a flabby tummy, you are fat, you are too skinny, you aren't disciplined, you aren't lovable, you don't earn enough income, you aren't good at ANYTHING. 

Start to pay attention when this movie starts playing- it affects everything that you do. 

Now, realize that this movie IS NOT YOU. This movie is just playing in your mind. Realize that it is NOT true. This is NOT based on your reality. Realize that this movie CAN BE CHANGED!

2. Start to EDIT your movie.

It is time to base the movie on reality. Do not let your fears from childhood or illusions from celebrities or comments others have made affect this movie. Instead, it should be based on the FACT that you are a GOOD person who is loving, kind, beautiful, passionate. This might not be what you think about yourself, but let's make the movie like this anyhoo.  

Ask others why you're lovable. (look for those who might give kind answers) Use these images in your new movie. When negative images start to pop up, edit them to the cutting room floor and tell them that they have NO PLACE in your production!  

3. Play the new movie in your conscience. 

Put this new movie in your mind often and play it. 


You need to realize that you are PERFECT- just the way you are. You do not need to buy things in order to feel happy. You have healing powers locked inside of YOU. You just need practice! 

Comment below and share a little about how you find happiness in your daily life! 

Nope! I can't wait to be done with school in two weeks and then off to my dream job! Haters approval not needed! I have found something I love to do! It makes me happy to see I'm such an inspiration to all my haters :):
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Friday, December 11, 2015

[PERSONAL POST] As darkness approaches, you will find the light... #mystory

Don’t give up before the miracle happens.:

Things are TOUGH. Tougher than I could have imagined

Looking at my life six (6) short months ago, yeah, the struggle was real- but the happiness filled the air.  

Where did that happiness go? 

Today I just feel like I am a zombie
  • I wake. 
  • I work. 
  • I drive my long commute home. 
  • I sleep. 

You call this living? 

Right now, I am low, down, raw with emotion, or lack there of. 

I might be somewhere in-between. 

I fake happy. I never thought I would ever have to do that

That is true. 

I am alone.

I show signs of life when I am with my girls. They seem to be the light that shines brightest inside my body. 

But, that too is short lived, as the time keeps moving forward, days keep passing by faster and faster. 

I keep missing. 

I am alone.

I have a husband
I think. 
I hardly see his face. I hardly hear his voice

I am alone.

Once you hit rock bottom, and only then, do you know what you want
I know that this is true. 

I do not think that the bottom has hit yet but I wait in anticipation, as I know that it is not far from this moment in time. 

Surely, with this anticipation comes this know
  • I know where I want to be. 
  • I know where I need to be. 

  • This is important. 
  • This is the hope that I hold onto. 
  • This is where my happiness lies. 

The struggle, however, is that this know if just beyond my reach today

  • Does this mean I give up?  
  • I relinquish my weapons and retreat from this fight that is slowly killing what is left inside of me?

This is what my Husband calls Drama. I am creating my own drama, or so he says. It is funny how those around us judge us so, and have no idea what we feel, how we are doing or what is happening to our souls. This is disheartening.

But, I have not given up. 

I have some fight left and keep giving what I have. 

  • I am not being selfish. 
  • I am actually being selfless. 

A nice reminder: Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what.:

My reasons for wanting to move on are solely in regards to the needs of my family: 
  • being a wife
  • being there for my Husband
  • being a Mom
  • having my kids be able to depend on my
  • handling the needs of the house and all that that beast entails.

Having children has changed me
  • It has changed my identity
  • it has changed the way I think
  • the way I look at the world
  • the way my eyes see things in general

It has changed: 
  • my wants
  • my needs
  • my goals in more ways than one. 

Inspiring with the new year coming, and sharing with my family and friends who are suffering with some type of physical ability..Don't let it! It cannot touch your mind, heart or soul...:

I can say the same about having a Husband. It is just troubling that this is not getting through to other parties that are said to be living this life among me.

  • I am bitter. 
  • I am angry. 
  • I am truly unhappy, to the point that this person who faces you is unbeknownst to me. 

The face looking back at me is not the face of the me that 
  • I want to be
  • that I know I am
  • that I can be. 

Frustration surrounds me. 

Aggravation haunts me. 

Happiness has left long ago. 

I am on an incredible journey though.

The skies are blue and the sun shines bright where I want to be, where I will go

Life is complicated. 

I believe that the world grows darkest, collapses before the sun shines bright again. 

This is where I am at.

I am still alone.

This is as raw as I will ever be. 

These emotions, this writing is as deep as I go, and yet it will be misconstrued and used to somehow manipulate. 

I think that everyone gets to this place at some point in their lives. 

It is the way of life

You need to be reborn in some aspect, and for me, this is that first look into the bright lights

For me, I write to help with my personal conflicts

You can image how much I have written in the past six months then, right.  

This is my channel, my outlet, to allow me to refocus on myself, gain insight on my feelings and reflect on how I can improve on my emotions. 

Those who KNOW me know that I tend to be cold, rather than show any form of emotion. #truestory

My emotions are usually only felt in my writings, or if you really upset me. Yes, it is something that I work on daily. #Elsasyndrome #dontfeelconseal

I have walked down this road of finding myself, trying to understand what my life's goals are, praying to God to lead the way...and, unfortunately, I am usually met with a GIGANTIC road block, which makes me turn around and head back where I started. #oldme  

Not anymore! 

I am on a quest. 

I want to be a Substitute Teacher. 

Maybe even a real, deal Teacher, since I am literally 7 English classes away from my English Certification in Middle Childhood Education. #whatapity

Well, this process started about a month ago

I was approached by my Husband (he is a good man) and it took me a whole second to think about it and start the process

Since then, I have spent A LOT of money, hit two (2) major roadblocks and yet, here I am, giving it my whole fight, not giving up

I know that 
  • this is where I am supposed to be
  • this is the path that I am to take at this moment and time. 

I will prevail past these roadblocks, that much I promise. 

This is my HOPE.

For me, this means:
  • Teaching
  • Being at the school where my children are
  • Doing something that I truly love
  • Looking towards my future

It has brought questions:
  • What do I do if I want to be a real-deal teacher?
  • When can I start?
  • Can I wait any longer?

And with this, I feel awake.  

I am sharing because this is going to happen

I am going to fight for this and it will be my future because for the first time 
  • I know that this is what will fulfill me
  • this is what will make me happy 
  • this is something that I will be proud of 
  • this is what I will be at my best. 
  • this will be my happy.






I’ve discovered that writing for me, is digging deep and sharing my heart, as agonizing as it may be….and less about becoming a Pinnable Trending Content Creator. I don’t know that I want to give tips as much as I want to share life.:

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