Marriage Monday.. is he marriage material?

He tells her that he is NOT that guy who settles down. He tells her that he is NOT looking for a wife. He tells her that ANY guy who tells you he wants the same woman for the next 50 years is lying.
Sure signs that he MAY still have some "growing" up to do!I was recently talking with a friend of mine, who, like a lot of women, (including myself), has had a guy who has been in and out of her life for the past ten years. I have been in her life for the past five years of those and have watched this guy come back in and out, breaking a piece of her heart each time.  Their story is like every story you hear about when you hear about "the guy who is in and out of her life" - she "loved" him at one point, still does in fact and think that he keeps coming in and out for a reason.  She is holding onto the hope that this time is "IT" - unfortunately, thus far, it has been anything BUT. Her guy was married around the time they started, whatever you want to cal…

Say Whatttt..Sunday...Gossip, Gossip, Gossip..about the Stars, of course!

This week I wanted to switch it up a little bit. I know everyone is all about the Oscar Buzzz.. well, honestly, I don't watch the Oscars. My reason is simple, The Walking Dead- duh!

But, while there is a lot of buzz, I won't be discussing, today at least.  Instead, I am just going to discuss some things in Hollywood and on TV that are interesting me.

That 70's Show, Married..

Well, for starters, did you hear that Ashton and Mila are finally engaged! C'mon Jackie and Kalso, took your L O N G enough! I am super excited about this, I think it is because I grew up on That 70's Show and watched them on the screen, even if they were actors, who knew it was an insight into the future?

If you see the picture above (which I snagged from - look at her face- she is so happy! Plus, she looks a little preggers. (sorry, just saying- her loose clothes and puffy face)- but Ashton did a good job with her bling bling.  Can't wait for them to walk down the isle!!!

How …

Blog, wait..

I just found some stuff to share. Nothing *serious. .

Blog Makeover..dreaming of S P R I N G

Sorry everyone- had to change it up!  I am over the dramatic and moving away from snow and gloom and wishing/hoping/praying for Sunshine, blue skies and green grass- well maybe not the grass, this year at least, but a girl can dream.  So we are heavenly and happy and bright and cheery at Life at Gray Gables!


T G I F F F F... (you fill in the F's!) - Oh Yea, February is OVER! C-ya...

Have you ever wanted something so bad? I feel like I have waited for this DAY all week, anybody with me? It didn't seem like it would EVER get here and it has been an exceptionally eventful day for sure.  Going out with a BANG. Friday, February 28th, 2014
March is upon us. (Actually I am blogging so late- and I will get to that- that it is officially March 1st!)  I don't know about you but February has been a hmm..dingger in my opinion!  Cold, Snowy, Ice, Dry Skin, the Sickness (which won't leave...) and it just has seemed to drag on and on and on....
Today was no exception for my family.  Did you know..                                      *that I have been to the Doctor's office 5 times since Thursday, 2/21.                                     *that both my girls are down and out
I hate this sickness. Thursday, we headed to the doctor's for my 5yo's horrible cough, which turned into an upper respiratory infection.  They put her on antibiotics and she seemed to be …

Throwback Thursday- Flash Mob Style... What is the earliest childhood memory you have...and go..

What is your Earliest Childhood Memory?Now, don't relieve events from those millions of pictures your Mom has in the old shoebox stuffed in the hall closet. (well, you probably only have millions if you were a first born, right!)Try to remember, really remember your first memories. I mean, don't just see a picture, be part of the picture, look for that memory that you can smell your surroundings, see the details and relive the experience.

The other day, I was sitting around discussing kids with my Hubby and I said that old cliche, "Remember what it was like to be a kid." Well, this simple statement seemed to light up a memory in his mind and resulted in 45 minutes of a walk down memory lane of an experience he had as a kid and how he could remember his room at a house he lived in from 1-2 years old. He could remember the carpet, the door that squeaked, the color of the walls, how his room was set up and what kinds of toys he had.  Then that question I was dreading was…

It's Wacky Wednesday.. Everyone- Ready for some RANDOM-NESS?

Wacky Wednesday is here!Are you ready? Well, let's get started. Its time to see what we can dig up on some random facts that we didn't/shouldn't know (or care about for that matter!)Did you know? ~ Women need NINE 8-ounce glasses of water a day. ~ Men need TWELVE 8-ounce glasses of water a day.  And Coffee & Tea COUNT!
Bedtime is the BEST time to take your daily aspirin!
~When you get burned you should crack an egg and you won't get a scar. 


An Ostrich's egg is bigger than its brain!
Lightning strikes the earth about 8 million times a day.
Hippophobia is the fear of horses.  
Christmas trees have been sold in the U.S. since 1850.

Totally Disgusting!
On average, people swallow 1.5 liters of urine when swimming in a public pool.
(now that, my friend, is GROSS!)

Have anything you want to share to the blog for next Wednesday? Feel free to email me @:  I would LOVE to hear from you and be able to add your own random facts to th…

Book Review Tuesday...Claim Me- Stark Trilogy #2 by J Kenner

Let's get a little steamy, a plot is thickening as the blood starts to boil.Are you ready to jump into a budding romance that will make your toes curl? This is the 2nd Tuesday that we are unveiling a Book Review and since I started this day with a trilogy, it seemed fitting to discuss book #2 of the Stark Trilogy Series by J Kenner. 
As I previously stated, the first book, Release Me, was a little hard to get into.  I really felt like I was reading so many of the other books out there, but, once I was able to dive in, I was hooked.  I finished the first book and with stealth, moved right onto the next book, Claim Me. 
This book is well written. I really was able to connect even further with the characters, Damien Stark and Nikki Fairchild.  It was like watching their relationship unfold further and further and getting inside of Damien's head. 
Quick Question: Is Damien a Good Guy or a Bad Guy in your opinion? 
I bring this up because at book #1, I was getting a weird vibe.  I …

Marriage Monday...Marriage is not for ME...

Marriage is not for ME! Now, before you get your panties in a bunch, or run off and tell my Hubby (which I have discussed this topic with him) - there is a point to this topic.   Hubby and I were watching a tv show and the kid said he was terrified to get married. I turned to my Hubby and said, "We're you scared to get married?" His reply was a shocking, "Hell Yes!" I must've looked at him funny.  It wasn't like we had just met. We had been together five, long, drawn out years.  We had even already purchased a home together. I really didn't know. Then he went on to tell me that all the stories that you hear, horrific stories about marriage and having a Wife, it doesn't exactly scream, "Hey, I want that, Let's jump into that."  And to tell you the truth, from a guy's perspective, I can totally see that. It makes sense. 
So, thinking about marriage and the fears that guys have, I think it might be a frame of mind.  As a Guy, (an…

Say WHATTT?? - - its Sunday..

Say WHATTT??I can't believe its already Sunday...Why do the weekends go so fast for me? Do they for you? I feel like it takes so darn long to get to Friday.  Saturday ends up being a blurrr and then BAM it is Sunday late afternoon and time to get shit* ready to start a new week. 
I think particular weekend has been very fast, due to the SICK bug invading our house right now. We had a trip to the Doctor's on Thursday, which resulted in an Antibiotic and a very sick, lethargic five yo. She has really been calm, but yesterday, she must've been feeling a little better and was a little more active and apparently, her listening ears are BROKEN due to this infection. 
This morning, she must've been feeling really good because she has been in trouble almost ALL day!  So far she has lost all her frozen stuff, her baby dolls stuff and just recently her American girl Baby Doll.  She is so exhausted, I think, that she cryed herself to sleep. I have NO IDEA why she is being a devil c…