The MUSIC stopped...

This post is going to be rather boring for those who don't have children, irrelevant to those, perhaps that do.  The purpose of my blog started with these little girls that I get to call my own!  While, I love hitting crazy topics, fun stuff and everything in between, but my sole purpose was to leave something behind for them to have that was ME.  Something that dealt with my feelings, my thoughts, my memories and it was perfect timing as we have this huge old house that is OUR focus! 

So, this post is going to be about my girls. (as many are!)

Thursday, December 18th 2014

You can home from school and I could tell the minute you got off that yellow bus that something was wrong.  You were not quite yourself.  You really have not been this whole week, but today was different.  The air was thick...the world was quiet

The MUSIC stopped

The Music that is YOU stopped. 

We walked inside the warm house (as it was snowing off and on all day but no accumulation) and you were talking about me not being able to see what was in your folder. I thought it was a Christmas gift for Dad and I, since you said he couldn't look when I suggested that he help you with it. We ordered you upstairs to take care of it.  You said something about it having to stay in there until Monday...  This made us look at each other, your Dad and I and I think it hit us both at the same time...Your BEHAVIOR Chart

We needed to see it...demanded to see it and you instantly started to cry.  My poor girl got BLUE... You were on a Green Streak (Green is the best) and have NEVER gotten anything but green.  You were devastated.  I was shocked.  

We did not yell.  We did not reprimand you.  We TALKED.  We knew it has something to do with the your Teacher put Not Making Good Decisions in the Bathroom.  You said your BFF crawled under the stalls into your locked stall while you were going potty and you did not have enough time to get out of the stall before your Teacher came into the bathroom.  Then you said that your Teacher said you were arguing with her.  I bet you were.  You knew that the consequence was not getting Green for the day. 

I must admit that I am trying to believe her.  I feel that if things went down the way she is saying...swearing they did, that this is a little unjust- but maybe she got a warning and argued and had to get Blue?  Our advise to her was if that happens again, tell her BFF that she does NOT want to get in trouble and move to another stall.  

We all moved on.  Her Dad and I, although shocked, moved on.  It really is no big deal, we make a mistake and we learned - all good, right!  

Well, tell that to a sensitive five year old who spent the rest of the night in tears because of this consequence to her actions.  She had a hard time getting to sleep because it was bothering her so much.  As I said, my poor girl!  I tried to tell her that it was a lesson and we learned from it.  I tried to sing "Let it Go" to her and told her to follow Elsa's advice here. 

She woke up this morning still harboring her feelings for her mistake.  

This was one tough lesson to learn, I guess, for her. 

I am proud of her for telling the truth to us, even if she did initially try to HIDE it.  I am a little disturbed that she is  not letting it go and hoping that today, she gets Green and can move on.  I don't want her to be the type of person that seeks perfection and can not handle constructive criticism, if that makes sense.  Feelings were hurt, I get that, she understands why but she strongly believes that she could not have gotten out of the stall before her Teacher came in because she was struggling with the lock.  It is one of those situations where you say I'm sorry and move on because it really is a lose/lose battle!

Lessons learned. 

Plus, it's almost time for the Big Guy to come down the Chimney!  Last day of school/last day of work for Hubby and I and we are in operation tie up the lose ends!

My Big Girl- the one who holds the world on her shoulders....

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