T swift Mashup and its effin Ah-Mazin

If you have NOT checked this out yet...prepare yourself! 

Its the best thing I have seen and even has T SWIFT herself going twitter crazy over it! 

Well...what are you waiting for....

So, who is responsible for this totally awesome mash up?  

Nashville-based singer Louisa Wendorff enlisted her friend Devin Dawson to help sing an acoustic mashup of Swift's 1989 hits "Style" and "Blank Space." 

The clip was uploaded on Dec. 23 but didn't get that much traction until Swift herself Tweeted out a link to it four days later, saying she was "obsessed." 

Would that not be AMAZING!!

In response, we find a pic of Louisa on Twitter:

View image on Twitter

With the caption "What is Life?!?" - I am sure she is asking herself this all to often now.  

Be sure to check her out on YouTube and her album is on ITunes also! 

And last but NOT least- check out her website: 
where you can WATCH/ BUY and JOIN her mailing list! 

This girl is one to watch!  She has a ton of great songs in her portfolio and definitely had our family in awww of her talent and beautiful vocals!

I can't wait to see where the future takes her!! (And yes, I approve, I endorse and I will promote!) 

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