It was just another day...or was it - Confessions of an OLD Birthday

Last pic of ME at #33...
July 29th - the day I was born.  I woke up with and began my day.  Regular routine.  Get kids off safely with Nana and Papa - and off to work I go.

My co-workers knew none the more than it was Tuesday, July 29th, and we were all muddling through our workloads.

The highlight was when the Orkin man showed to spray for spiders. (Real exciting Kel!)

Gardening Table
Hubby ran out the door after one to pick up kids and disappeared until 3 pm with the girls saying, "we were not doing anything, Mom."  Um, hmm...

Hydrangea Plant from my Kids!
Off work I go, to the front porch- where my little family was anxiously awaiting my arrival.  I sat down and was handed awesome cards from my loves! Then whisked to the back of my car where i was instructed to CLOSE MY EYES!  I opened them to a beautiful hydrangea plant my girls picked out for me and a gardening table my hubby got me.  Awesome gifts!

I love these three people so much!  It was a bummer getting older, and I have been dreading it so much!  But, it was good to see how excited my girlies were and to watch my Hubby work with them to make my day special.

I was then taken to dinner by my Parents and Grandma (again, I might add- because we did Dinner on Friday night) - and it was just a really good birthday.  I guess I don't feel my age, so that is helping in this slump I am in.  I hate birthdays, I hate getting old. MAKE IT STOP already!  I get older, my kids get older and it is an endless cycle!  I think that you really don't realize you are getting older UNTIL you have kids, either!

 But, Happy Birthday to me.  I wish for many  more, no matter how much I dislike celebrating them.  To another year, hopefully I am a little wiser with this new age, and to the life that will once again be!  (living in rehab is tough- it is coming along though!!!)

My girls playing in the Gardening Planter Box... Who needs TOYS?

All the FUN of turning #34.

I would like to say a SPECIAL THANK YOU to my FAMILY!  My Mom and Dad for dinner at Cousino's & Apple Bee's.  My awesome Vera Bradly bag and pouches.  My outdoor dishes, pitcher and bowl for entertaining on the deck I hope to have soon and the awesome lantern!  My Grandma for the dishes that I LOVE! I can't wait to get some stuff going in m Kitchen to bring it to life with those dishes!  And the awesome gift cards.   My Uncle for the Star Bucks Card.  My Grandparents in Washington, Thank You for the awesome Cheryl's goodies!  

I want to say Thank You to my Hubby, who got me the best two cards so far in our marriage!  I also love the garden table, and was so needed. (I know, I am late in the game- but I have stuff to transplant) and my girls for the beautiful, big hydrangea plant!  We need to find the perfect spot for it!  And it is super special because they picked it out themselves!

I also want to extend a huge Thank You to all my friends and family, who took time out of their day to recognize mine.  It means a lot to get all the Happy Birthdays on Facebook, makes a girl feel real special!

Thank you everyone!

Cheers to another year!  Let #34 be better than #33!

(learning to embrace this!)
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