33 Things EVERYONE should STOP doing in their 30s

The list of things you need to STOP doing...because your 30!

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We all know that the dreaded 30's mean that you are NO LONGER in your 20's...no matter how much we want to still go out to the "Club" or spend all night getting plastered at the bar, only to wake up in someone stranger's house the next morning with no recollection of what happened the night before. (this is so NOT my life, btw)

When you hit that magical number...that Dirty Thirty, it is time to grow up a little bit..isn't it? I mean, some of us are already married with kids by the time we hit the big thirty.  So, after some careful thinking and consideration about just what hitting our Thirties means, it also brought out those things that we should no longer..wait let me repeat...NO LONGER be doing! We are Thirty now, after all.

#1, so fitting, STOP FACEBOOK STALKING and YES this does include your EX!  They are an ex for a reason..remember! Who cares what they or whoever else on FB is doing.

#2  Get rid of the Red Solo Cups..no more beer pong...plus, did you see that video and where those cups have been..gross!

#3  To go with the one above, stop trying to seek others approval. You are living YOUR life. 

#4  Stop sleeping away your weekends.  It is time to get up, get moving and be productive.  There are things to get done...i.e. that yard work is NOT going to do itself.

#5  Binge drinking on a ...Weeknight.  C'mon Man, you know you got bills to pay, right? You can't just be drinking to oblivion all week long or weekend. 

#6 Ringing up your AMEX.  It is about time you realize that there is this thing, kind of a big deal...called DEBT and it counts AGAINST you!

#7  Your out of money, no way to pay the rent..DO NOT call Mom and Dad.  Just don't do it.

#8 Time to look at your friends.  This one is a hard one..stop being LAZY about those deadbeat friends you have that are going no where or are just no good and cut them out!

#9 Buying everything and anything you want just because you want it. (I don't know if I 100% agree with this one.. I think that if you CAN afford it, and it is within reason, why not?)

#10 Stop sneaking around.. whether it is a smoke or a drink. Just be real!

#11 Seriously, do not just go buy new undies because all of yours are dirty and you don't want to do laundry. NO NO NO!

#12 Do not post about your drunken escapades on social media. Not cool Man.

#13 You need to moisturize. Your getting older, after all!

#14 You know that staying up all night is not an option. You WILL pay for it the next day.  Plus, you know that you are tired by the time eleven o'clock hits anyways, don't deny it!

#15 Stop making excuses - start working out! (this one is a BIG one on my list! Make time)

#16 Put down the McDonald's.  You know it is going to go right to your midsection.. Put it down, I say!

#17 Just say no to Posters.  It is time for framed pictures or matted posters, that is just that!

#18 When you get your 401K package paperwork, please do NOT ignore it!

#19 Don't spend all your money on drinking or food. Be reasonable!

#20 Don't wait for someone else to do things for you. Your a big boy/girl now and it is time to handle your business yourself!

#21 Get a cleaning schedule! Do not wait to clean that toilet until company is coming over. 

#22 Don't stop, don't give up!  Just because something gets tough does not mean you can give up.  

#23 Same goes for taking out the trash as #21.  Make it a priority to take out the trash before people come over or garbage night for that matter!

#24 Let it go...Let it go... Don't hold onto grudges. It isn't worth it!

#25 More cleaning..wash your towels and sheets regularly, not just once a month... 

#26 Do not Neglect Family Time. It is important, whether you see it now or not, you do not get this time back!

#27 It is time to take responsibility for things in your life. 

#28 Floss regularly.  You are to old to floss the day your have a dentist visit and here is an FYI- the dentist knows!
#29 Don't buy into the quick fix weight loss. It will do no good for you.  Start eating healthy, working out and making this a priority.  (check out www.beachbodycoach.com/KELAMSTUTZ for a healthy way to get fit!) 

#30 Don't Text while driving. 

#31 Start saving Money for a rainy day. They will come, I promise you that.

#32 Do not par-take in the Drama. Stay out of it. You are better off without involving yourself anymore than you might already be!


#33 It is important to stay up to date on current events.  No matter how Old and Boring it may sound, it is about time you show some interest in the world around you!

Welcome to your 30's: Where all your friends have babies, body parts hurt for no reason and being sleep by 9 pm is the regular routine, even on weekends.

I think that this list is very accurate. It in no ways implies that you need to stop having fun, have tons of fun..but as a 30 year old, not a 20 something!  Those days are gone, no more flying by the seat of your pants, it is time to be established and be a part of society through working and socializing and staying up to date on your surroundings. And one more important thing that I have to mention is, Register to Vote!  Your vote DOES count.

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:)  Happy 30's!


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